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New Warriors (2008-2009)

New Warriors (vol. 4) is a series lasting 20 issues from 2008 to 2009. It is set in the aftermath of Civil War and during the Superhuman Registration Act era. It features a team of mutants who lost their powers during M-Day.

A televised fight in Stamford between the reality television stars New Warriors and a group of villains turned into a disaster when the villain Nitro created an explosion, killing the New Warriors Night Thrasher, Microbe and Namorita as well as more than 600 civilians. This event led to the superhuman Civil War and the implementation of the Superhuman Registration Act. Night Thrasher's brother Donyell Taylor, donning the Night Thrasher guise secretly, formed a new team of ex-mutants and runaway children in defiance of the Superhuman Registration Act, performing heroic deeds despite not being registered. Night Thrasher attempted to recruit Sofia Mategna, formely Wind Dancer, but she refused. The team lost one of its members Longstrike during a battle with the new Zodiac. Sofia arrived to help the team defeat Zodiac and finally joined the team, persuading Night Thrasher not to disband the team despite Longstrike's death.

Field leader Jubilee became suspicious about Night Thrasher's intentions after he kept disappearing in the middle of battles. Aware of Jubilee's suspicions, Night Thrasher and Kaz created the transhuman activity monitor which Night Thrasher claimed predicted that the Machinesmith was about to create a new techno-organic virus. During the fight against Machinesmith, Night Thrasher left to find the Machinesmitsh's nannites. Half the team was trapped with the foe but they managed to fight their way out before Night Thrasher led the escapees back to rescue their teammates.

When the alien Skrulls invaded Earth, Night Thrasher traveled to his old safe house in attempt to search for clues to whether the New Warriors who died during the Stamford disaster might have been masqueraded by Skrulls and that his brother might be alive. He was followed by his team and members of the older New Warriors teams (Justice, Rage, Ultra Girl, Stapstick, Scarlet Spiders, Debrii) who clashed. The fight ended when he revealed his true identity as Donyell. Both teams combined to retrieve the bodies of the dead New Warriors from a helicarrier, giving them a burial.

The team was attacked by a S.H.I.E.L.D. task force tasked with their capture and during the fight, Ripcord and and Skybolt were killed in an accident. With the mystical artifacts that he asked his old enemy Midnight's Fire to obtain for him, Night Thrasher activated a time machine he had created to travel to the past to prevent the Stamford disaster. However, the team ended up in a future in which Iron Man is the dictator of America and all the heroes were sent to the Nth dimension. Night Thrasher left the team and infiltrated Stark/Taylor Tower where he discovered the Iron Man was actually Dwayne Taylor, his brother seemingly alive. The team was rescued by Night Thrasher, who revealed himself to be Tony Stark. Stark told the team about how Dwayne returned to life as a proponent of the Superhuman Registration Act and took over control of the Initiative, starting more drastic measures to remove the superhuman population to the Nth dimension. Stark led the team to take the fight to Dwayne to find the time machine. The team was captured but was later released by Donyell who was unhappy with Dwayne's conduct. In the ensuing fight, Donyell killed Dwayne and returned to the past with his teammates. Back at their present, the team disbanded.      

Night Thrasher (Donyell Taylor)
Donyell is the half-brother of the original Night Thrasher, Dwayne Taylor and the product of an affair of his father Daryl Taylor. Donyell resented Dwayne for having the money and family he never had. As Bandit, he targeted Night Thrasher's foes to prove that he is superior. He also took away Night Thrasher's girlfriend Silhouette. He later joined a team of New Warriors and reconciled with Dwayne. 

Following the death of Dwayne during the Stamford disaster, Doynell assumed the guise of Night Thrasher and formed a team of New Warriors. After the team disbanded, he joined the Counter-Force, later renamed the Avengers Resistance, a team of former New Warriors that opposed Norman Osborn who was then the director of national security.

Wondra (Jubilation Lee)
Vampiric Powers
Formerly generation of explosive energy bursts, similar to fireworks, varying in power and intensity, Jubilee was depowered during M-Day
Gained powers from tech devices including superhuman strength and flight via mentally-controlled discs

Group Affiliations
X-Men, Formerly New Warriors, X-Corp, Generation X
Jubilation Lee is a Chinese American girl born in Beverly Hills, California, where she lived with her wealthy immigrant parents. However, her life was destroyed when her parents were murdered by hitmen. Jubilee was sent to an orphanage, but she ran away and hid in the Hollywood Mall, stealing food to survive. She first discovered her mutant power while running away from mall security and realized that she could earn money by using her powers to entertain customers in the mall. The mall security hired mutant hunters known as the M-Squad to capture her. Jubilee initially held her own by blasting the M-Squad's energy tractor beams, but she was eventually caught by them. She was rescued by X-Men members Dazzler, Psylocke, Rogue, and Storm, who happened to be shopping at the mall. Curious about the women, she tracks them for a while and later follows them into a portal. At the X-Men's Australian Outback base, she stayed in hiding, stealing food to survive. When the cybernetic Reavers captured Wolverine and tied him to a X-cross, Jubilee rescued him, nursing him back to full health. When the Reavers came for them, they escaped and made their way to the island Madripoor where they found Psylocke brainwashed into service to Matsu'o Tsurayaba. They defeat Matsu'o and the Mandarin; and freed Psylocke after which they traveled around the world for missions. They ended up at the mutant island Genosha to help the various X-teams fight the country's anti-mutant government. Jubilee joined the X-Men and participated in a mission in the alien Shi'ar Empire. She joined the X-Men Blue Team and participated in several missions, mourning the death of Illyana Rasputin to the mutant-killing Legacy Virus.

Jubilee was placed in Generation X so that she can be with people around her age. After Generation X disbanded, she moved to L.A. with teammate Synch to pursue an acting career. However, she was mainly cast in stereotypical Asian roles and after her agent tried to seduce her, she blasted him with a powerful plasma blast. Around this time, she joined former teammates Husk and M at their former mentor Banshee's new militaristic outfit X-Corp to keep an eye on him. When the outfit was infiltrated and attacked by Mystique and her Brotherhood, the trio helped the X-Men stop them. She returned to L.A. to be with Synch but both of them were kidnapped by the anti-mutant Church of Humanity and crucified on the front lawn of the Xavier Institute. While Jubilee survived with the help of Angel's blood, Skin died. Jubilee went on to join the X-Men for several missions before she was taken off the active roster. Jubilee was contacted by a long lost relative, Aunt Hope and moved in with her in L.A.. Jubilee attended Payton Noble High School. However, Hope was an assassin caught up in a crime ring. When Wolverine visited Jubilee, the two of them along with Hope and butler Brad got into a battle with Hope's former boss. Hope was killed in an explosion and seemingly died. A distraught Jubilee returned to the Xavier Institute with Wolverine.

Jubilee lost her powers along with most of the mutant population during M-Day. She ran a halfway house in New York for depowered mutants but was kidnapped by Omega Red and badly beaten. Wolverine eventually used the world peacekeeping agency S.H.I.E.L.D. to rescue Jubilee. Jubilee next surfaced as Wondra, with technological-based super strength, joining the New Warriors. After leaving New Warriors, she made her way to San Francisco but refused to join the X-Men or enter the mutant island Utopia.

Cyclops sent teenage X-Man Pixie to check on Jubilee. During this time, Jubilee was infected with a mass bio-engineered virus released by a vampire suicide bomber. This virus turned her into a vampire. Jubilee is able to survive with Wolverine's blood. Jubilee was brought in by Gambit to help Wolverine's clone X-23 to live a normal life. Following the schism, Jubilee remained at Utopia to be away from the students at Wolverine's school. She joined Psylocke's security recon team. She left after a few missions to learn to master her vampiric powers. She returned to the Jean Grey School with a baby she found and subsequently re-joined the X-Men. 

Decibel (Jonothon "Jono" Evan Starsmore)
Projection of bio-blasts from his torso; limited telepathy, formerly
Chamber was depowered during M-Day
Using technology, Decibel gained the ability to create solidified sound constructs
Other Alias
Current Status
Active in Wolverine's X-Men
Group Affiliations
X-Men, Formerly New Warriors, Weapon X, Generation X
When Chamber's powers manifested, it blew a hole in his face and upper body. He traveled from his home in UK to US to enroll in the Xavier Institute and join Generation X. He was often moody and was unable to return fellow Gen X-er Husk's affections.

Restored by Clan Akkaba
Just before Generation X was disbanded, Chamber was invited to join the X-Men. He eventually left active duty. He was soon asked by X-Man Wolverine to infiltrate Weapon X. Weapon X was able to repair restore his face and upper body. However, when the Scarlet Witch depowered 90% of the mutant population during M-Day, Chamber was one of those affected. With his face and upper body missing yet again, he was place in a life support in hospital until he was taken by the Clan Akkaba, an organization with ties to Apocalypse. Chamber is revealed to be a descendant of Apocalypse and Clan Akkaba restored Chamber's face and upper body. However, Chamber now had characteristics similar to that of Apocalypse.

While there were hints that Chamber might have gained omega-level mutant abilities, he next turned up as a member of New Warriors, with technology granting him the ability to create solidified sound constructs. After the New Warriors disbanded, Chamber turned up at Utopia. In the Age of X reality, Chamber's old powers kicked in, his face and upper body was blown off again. He retained this look after the Age of X reality reverted.

Renascence (Sofia Mantega)
Wind Dancer
Air manipulation; Flight; Long-distance eavesdropping, formerly
Current Status
Depowered, Unknown
Group Affiliations
formerly New Mutants student squad
Active: New Mutants vol. 2 #2 (2003)
Sofia was born in Caracas, Venezuela. While under the care of her uncle, Sofia's mother was killed in a riot in town. Her uncle refused to take care of her, so she was sent to her father, who had previously not aware of her existence. Her father Walter Barrett was an occupied businessman with no time for her daughter.

After hearing someone say that no one liked her behind her back, she snapped. Going to one of her father's stores, he let loose a hurricane inside it, completely wrecking it. She was visited in jail by her father and later Dani Moonstar, who persuaded Walter to release Sofia into her custody. Dani enrolled Sofia into the Xavier Institute.

Sofia became good friends with Laurie Collins and David Alleyne, rebuffing the romantic advances of Julian Keller. The friends became part of the New Mutants student squad and Sofia became leader. Sofia later persuaded David to be co-leader.

Sofia lost her powers after M-Day and left the school with her father's former manservent Derek.

She eventually joined the New Warriors team as Renascence, wearing a suit with six mechanical tentacles and electrically charged talons with a personal force field. The team has since disbanded.

Blackwing (Barnell Bohusk)
Avian body, depowered Technologically based flight and energy blasts when under the Blackwing alias 
Other Alias 
Group Affiliations 
Formerly New Warriors, Exiles, X-Men Street Team, Kuan-Yin Xorn's Brotherhood of Mutants, Special Class
Known Relatives 
Tito Bohusk (son), Axel Bohusk (son), Kara Bohusk (daughter), and
three other unnamed children
Beak and Angel had a relationship which resulted in her giving birth to six children.
When he disagreed with Kuan-Yin Xorn's ways while in the Brotherhood, he escaped and found his way to Cyclops. Joining Cyclops' ad-hoc X-Men team, he assisted in stopping Xorn.
Beak was depowered during M-Day.
He was given a costume with technologically based powers and served as Blackwing in the New Warriors.
Active: New X-Men #120 (2002)

Tempest (Angel Salvadore)
Winged flight, acidic spit, depowered
Technologically based fire, ice and flight powers when under the Tempest alias
Other Alias 
Tempest (New Warriors)
Group Affiliations 
Fomerly New Warriors, Special Class
Known Relatives 
Tito Bohusk (son), Axel Bohusk (son), Kara Bohusk (daughter), and three
other unnamed children
Angel was caught by the U-Men but rescued by Wolverine and brought to the Institute. She was placed in the Special Class where she had a relationship with fellow student Beak which resulted in her giving birth to six children. Angel was depowered during M-Day. She was given a costume with technologically based powers and served as Tempest in the New Warriors.
Active: New X-Men #120 (2002)

Ricpord (Miranda Leevald)
formerly Stacy X
Pheromone control; snake-like skin, formerly
Stacy X was depowered during M-Day
Ripcord was given extendable wrist tentacles after joining the New Warriors
Current Status
Killed in New Warriors vol.4 #16 (2008)
Currently appearing in
New Warriors
Group Affliations
New Warriors, formerly X-Men, X-Ranch
Stacy X worked in the X-Ranch, using her pheromones powers to induce bliss. The X-Ranch was targeted for destruction by the Church of Humanity and she was rescued by the X-Men. She joined the X-Men where she was attracted to Archangel. When her affections were not returned, she left the team. She was depowered on M-Day after which she joined the New Warriors and given technological-based powers. She was believed killed during an accident in a fight against a S.H.I.E.L.D. task force but turned up alive subsequently.

Skybolt (Vincent Steward)
Generates heat from arms
Redneck was in the Omega Gang that caused a riot in the Xavier School. He lost his powers after M-Day.
He joined the New Warriors team as Skybolt, using weaponry and flight pack derived from the designs of the Beetle. He was killed during an accident in a fight against a S.H.I.E.L.D. task force.
Active: New X-Men #126 (2002)

Phaser (Christian Cord)
Generates blinding light
Radian and Tattoo are siblings.
Radian was in the Omega Gang that caused a riot in the Xavier School.
Radian lost his powers after M-Day.
Christian joined the New Warriors team as Phaser, generating intense bursts of energy from the chest of his armor as well as deflecting energy through specialized gauntlets on his arms.
Active: New X-Men #126 (2002)

Longstrike (Christine Cord)
Bio-disruptive phasing and motive skin patterns
Radian and Tattoo are siblings
Tattoo was in the Omega Gang that caused a riot in the Xavier School.
Tattoo lost her powers after M-Day.
She joined the New Warriors team as Longstrike, using a version of the Stilt-Man armor which allows her to elongate her limbs and enhance her strength.
She was killed in a battle against the Zodiac.
Active: New X-Men #126 (2002)

Aja and Grace
Kaz, Aja and Grace were runaway kids picked up by Donyell to assist him in the New Warriors team. They are adept at technology.

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