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Below is a list of X-crossovers and Marvel-wide crossovers which the X-Men are involved in. The events are arranged in reverse-chronological order.

When the young Cyclops was apparently killed by Sentinels while on a mission, the older Cyclops disappeared. The young Cyclops was healed by the young mutant Triage and the older Cyclops reappeared. Wolverine's X-Men believed that it is dangerous for the young original X-Men to stay in the present and wanted to send them back. The future X-Men arrived and wanted to send the original X-Men back too. Young Cyclops and Jean Grey escaped from the Jean Grey School. The present and future X-Men hunted the two mutants down but with the distraction provided by Kitty Pryde and Rachel Grey who wanted the original X-Men to make their own choices, they escaped. They seek the help of older Cyclops' X-Men. Wolverine's X-Men and the future X-Men arrive and a fight ensued. Magik seek out young Iceman and Beast in the Jean Grey School and traveled to the future where they found the real X-Men. They convinced the future X-Men to travel to the present to help them stop the fake future X-Men, actually the future's Brotherhood.

In the present, with their cover about to be blown, the Brotherhood revealed their true natures and attacked the present X-Men. They managed to capture all the original X-Men and attempted to send them back. However, they discovered that something prevented the original X-Men from being returned to their proper time. Cyclops' X-Men and the real future X-Men aided Wolverine's X-Men. The Brotherhood traveled to Cape Citadel, where the original X-Men first fought Magneto. The combined forces of Wolverine and Cyclops' X-Men and the future X-Men fought the Brotherhood when S.H.I.E.L.D. arrived. Xorn unleashed S.H.I.E.L.D.'s anti-mutant munitions and Sentinels. In the final fight against the original X-Men, Xorn unleashed her full power and was consumed by it. The X-Men escaped with Magik's teleportation powers while the surviving Brotherhood escaped in their own way. 

In the aftermath, the future X-Men returned to their own timeline with Kymera staying behind to hunt down the remaining Brotherhood.

Act 1 – "It's Coming"

Some days later, Sam Alexander crash lands on Earth and delivers a vague warning to the Avengers before lapsing into a coma. Iron Man deduces that the threat is the Phoenix Force and it is returning to Earth. At the X-Mansion, Wolverine tells Captain America that he believes the Phoenix is coming for Hope Summers. Captain America then travels to Utopia to ask Cyclops to hand Hope over to the Avengers so that they can place her into protective custody. Cyclops refuses, believing Hope to be the mutant messiah, and orders Captain America to leave. After a brief exchange, Captain America assembles the Avengers on Utopia.

As war breaks out between the Avengers and X-Men on the beaches of Utopia, Emma Frost takes Hope inside the compound and leaves her with members of The Lights for her protection. Hope knocks out the Lights, believing that she is the cause of the war and insisting she is the one that must end it. Spider-Man and Wolverine infiltrate the compound and find Hope, but are defeated by her growing Phoenix powers. She then leaves Utopia as more X-Men and Avengers rush into the compound. Meanwhile, in deep space, Thor leads the Secret Avengers as they prepare to encounter the Phoenix Force.

After convincing the Avengers that they have surrendered, Cyclops's Extinction Team escape from Utopia in order to track down Hope. The Avengers follow suit, using Rachel Summers to operate Cerebra, but they discover that Hope has masked her trail, unaware that Rachel is working as a double agent for Cyclops. Captain America and Wolverine then get into an altercation aboard the Quinjet over how to handle Hope should they find her, with Wolverine believing that she must be killed, and is ejected from the plane.

Wolverine is rescued by Hope, who asks for his help to reach the Blue Area of the Moon. Meanwhile in space, Thor and the Secret Avengers are defeated by the Phoenix. On Earth, the Avengers and the X-Men search for Hope in Wakanda, the Savage Land, Wundagore, Latveria and Tabula Rasa. Wolverine and Hope travel to the Moon, but on the way Wolverine signals Captain America, who follows them with a team of Avengers. The X-Men arrive soon afterwards, after Emma Frost scans Captain America's mind. As both sides begin to fight, a nearly-unconscious Thor falls to the lunar surface and points out that the Phoenix is coming.

While both teams fight, Hope starts to lose control of herself, considers that she was wrong about her ability to handle the Phoenix, and asks Wolverine to kill her. Meanwhile, Iron Man andGiant-Man prepare a disruptor weapon to kill the Phoenix. Iron Man uses the weapon to shoot the Phoenix, but instead of killing it, the blast separates it into fragments, which bond with Cyclops, Emma Frost, Namor, Colossus and Magik. They defeat the Avengers and head back to Earth with Hope.

Act 2 – "No More Avengers"

Ten days after bonding with the Phoenix, the "Phoenix Five" have started reforming the world according to their will, providing free energy, food and water to all humanity as well as ending armed conflicts around the globe. The Avengers are summoned to the White House and agree that despite their good efforts, the Phoenix Five must be stopped as their power grows unchecked. Believing Hope to be the key to defeating the Phoenix Five, the Avengers launch an operation to extract Hope from Utopia. They are nearly defeated by Cyclops, but are rescued by the Scarlet Witch. Hope agrees to go with the Scarlet Witch, as Cyclops vows that he will no longer tolerate the Avengers.

During a confrontation between the Avengers and the X-Men, the Scarlet Witch injures Magik, while Emma Frost severely burns Hawkeye. As the Phoenix Five heal Hawkeye, Cyclops reprimands them for their use of excessive force, but Magik defends that they must kill the Scarlet Witch and Namor reminds him that they are at war. In Wakanda, Hope tells the Avengers that the X-Men fear The Scarlet Witch. Meanwhile, Black Panther and Iron Man research a way to stop the Phoenix Five, while Iron Fist and Lei Kung take Hope to K'un-L'un for training. As both teams keep fighting and taking prisoners around the world, Scarlet Witch injures Namor. Furious, Namor goes against Cyclops's orders and leads the Atlanteans into war against Wakanda.

As Namor attacks Wakanda, Iron Man takes Lei Kung to join Wolverine and Hope in K'un-L'un. Captain America then assembles every Avenger he can muster and manages to take down Namor in a hard fought confrontation. Meanwhile, Magneto informs Cyclops of Namor's assault on Wakanda. As the remaining Phoenix Five members arrive in Wakanda, Namor's portion of the Phoenix abandons him and divides itself among Cyclops, Emma Frost, Magik and Colossus. The Avengers retreat to K'un-L'un, as Professor X demands that Cyclops cease the Phoenix Five's actions or he will bring them down.

Act 3 – "There Can Only Be One"

As days pass by, more and more Avengers are captured by the Phoenix Five, and Hope's training in K'un-L'un shows no results. Several X-Men feel uncomfortable about the way the Phoenix Five are treating their prisoners. Storm arrives in Wakanda in the aftermath of Namor's assault and tells Black Panther that the captured Avengers are being held prisoner in a volcano in Siberia. The Avengers then lead a rescue mission with the help of Storm and Professor X to break out their comrades but are stopped by Magik and Colossus. Spider-Man baits Magik and Colossus into taking each other out, allowing the Avengers to escape. As the Avengers arrive back in K'un-L'un, they are surprised by Cyclops, strengthened by half of Magik and Colossus's portions of the Phoenix force.

The Avengers stall Cyclops as Hope retreats to find Lei Kung, who tells her that he has one final lesson and presents Shao Lao the dragon, the source of the Iron Fist energy. Hope absorbs the dragon's energy and manages to stave off Cyclops's advance. She falls back behind the Scarlet Witch and with a combination of both their powers, Hope sends Cyclops to the Moon. On the Moon, Cyclops comes to the realization that he will need Emma Frost's power as well in order to defeat Hope. Meanwhile on Utopia, Magneto asks Professor X for his help as Emma Frost's rule becomes more tyrannical.

A joint team of X-Men and Avengers including the Hulk and Magneto physically confront Cyclops and Emma Frost on Utopia, while Professor X fights Cyclops psychically. In order to expel Professor X from his mind, Cyclops attacks Emma Frost to take her share of the Phoenix force, and uses the power to kill him. Cyclops then becomes Dark Phoenix.

Seventy-two hours earlier in K'un-L'un, Hope takes her frustration over the war out on the Scarlet Witch, but Captain America mediates, suggesting that their only chance to win is if they work together. In the present battle against the Dark Phoenix, the allies lose ground swiftly as the Dark Phoenix starts to burn the world. As a last resort, Captain America sends in Hope and Scarlet Witch, who together manage to take down the Dark Phoenix. The Phoenix escapes Cyclops's body and enters Hope's. Together, Hope and the Scarlet Witch wish away the Phoenix, but only after Hope uses the power to extinguish the fires of the Dark Phoenix and restore the mutant population. In the aftermath, Cyclops is placed under arrest and Captain America puts together a new team of Avengers.

Age of X (2011)
In this reality, mutants are almost extinct and tortured by a strike force led by Colonel Graydon Creed. The first signs of the Age of X appeared in X-Men: Legacy #244 as the events are immediately removed from Earth-616 mainstream continuity with no memories of those alternate lives.

The main event takes place 1000 days after Magneto moved most of the mutants to Fortress X, the last bastion for all mutantkind. Every day human forces from the outside try to make their way to the citadel. As of the day of the story, humans have always failed but the mutant side suffered many casualties. Legacy, acts as a 'Reaper', storing the dead's thoughts as they are killed in battle. After one of her reaper duties, Legacy witnesses the capture of Shadowcat who was coming back from a mission in the outside world. Rogue finds the camera Shadowcat is trying to hide and starts investigating. She finds out that all the pictures inside the camera are blank. Using Madison Jeffries's absorbed powers, Legacy infiltrates the Brig (Fortress X detention facility) in the attempt to question Shadowcat. In the brig, she's suddenly spotted by Earth-616 Blindfold that hints this reality is wrong and asks her to ask Professor X about the "scar tissue." As she speaks with Shadowcat and touches a comatose Xavier, Legacy starts an uncontrolled mental attack on every mutant inside the fortress and is spotted by Danger, becoming a wanted criminal. Hunted down by the New Mutants squad, she's saved by Gambit; but the two are attacked by Magneto who fakes their deaths and explains that he was the person who sent Shadowcat on the outside to investigate and he is convinced there is something wrong. As Magneto goes back to the brig to set Shadowcat and Xavier free, X (the voice controlling all of Fortress X) sends the New Mutants squad to pursue Magneto while Gambit and Legacy (who are in the room at the center of Fortress X) discover that someone has stolen their whole universe and keeps it in a box. Once Professor X is set free he's able to show telepatically to his pursuers, and to a reluctant Legion, the truth about himself and the reality they think they're living in. Age of X reality was created when Legion's mind reacted to Doctor Nemesis's attempt to restore its sanity. A new persona, with new powers, was born creating the new reality in order to protect Legion's many personalities. This new manifestation of Legion's power took the appearance of Moira MacTaggert, in order to confuse Xavier and protect Legion. In the meantime, Moira confronted Legacy and Gambit, revealing she's also X. Cornered by Xavier, X launch a last offensive to the fortress.

Moira removes the walls allowing the humans to launch a full-on assault on Fortress X. While the mutants are fighting the army homo sapiens. Legion appears while Xavier, Magneto and Shadowcat are trying to stop Moira. Moira reveals that she just wanted Legion to be happy. She created this universe so that Legion can be the hero he always wanted to be. Moira begins crying in his arms, saying that she'll create for him as many universes as he wants and she won't mess up this time. While she's distracted, Legion absorbs her back into his body and erases all of the humans fighting the mutants. He goes to the battlefield and apologizes to everyone before rewriting the universe and putting everything back the way it was.

All of the mutants suddenly return to Utopia without memory of their 616 lives. Xavier and Emma Frost reveal that the telepaths will assist in helping everyone recall their forgotten memories. Xavier is still unsure of where Legion is and what is to become of the anomalous mutants who were dead or depowered in the 616 dimension, but were brought back when Legion moved all of the Age of X mutants back to Utopia (such as Revenant, the Age of X version of Phoenix).

The story begins with Dracula at a vampire summit. His son Xarus plans to overthrow him due to his "bad leadership." Xarus had met with the leaders of each vampire clan and makes a deal that unites the Claw Sect Vampires (a clan of vampire warriors), the Charniputra Sect Vampires, the Mystikos Sect Vampires (a clan of business vampires), the Nosferatu Sect Vampires, the Krieger Sect Vampires, the Atlantean Sect Vampires, Moksha Sect Vampires (a clan of vampire seers) and Siren Sect Vampires (a clan of vampire seductresses). Xarus and his allied vampires end up staking Dracula enabling Xarus to assume leadership over the vampires. Xarus' allies in the Mystikos Sect managed to invent a special device which can block the frequencies of light that are harmful to Vampires. Xarus decided to use this device to create a new, more dominant place in the world for vampires as he has each device handed out to his vampire allies. Upon attacking the fortress of the Krieger Sect Vampires, Xarus' allies eliminate the clan's elder leadership. He has the Claw Sect not declare itself for him, so it can hang back and be contacted by any would-be traitors seeking an alliance like his brother Janus Tepes and the peaceful Anchorite Sect. Following an attempted betrayal from the Siren Sect Vampires, Xarus foolishly allows its leader Alyssa to live and keep serving him. Alyssa secretly slips one of the light-deflecting pendants to Janus which enabled him to escape after the Claw Sect betrayed him to Xarus. While wearing a light-deflecting pendant, Xarus declares himself Lord of the Vampires in front of his vampire army.

Cyclops sends Pixie out to check up on Jubilee. As the two girls are enjoying themselves at an outdoor cafe, where a man sizzles and explodes in the Sun. Blood and parts of the man's body cover many in the square including Jubilee. After testing her blood, it is determined that Jubilee was infected during the explosion by a manufactured virus. That night, the other people infected by the virus during the explosion respond to the call of the vampires. However, the vampires are disappointed that Jubilee (whom they appear to be waiting for specifically) is not there. The X-Men quickly determine they are dealing with Vampires.

Blade arrives in San Francisco to assist the X-Men in capturing a vampire specimen for the X-Club. He confirms Dracula's death and reveals that his son Xarus is the new lord of vampires, having united many vampire clans together. He immediately objects to Cyclops' plan to resurrect Dracula. Much later while the X-Men gather to discuss the death of Dracula and learn who the new Lord of Vampires is, Dr. Kavita Rao is seen checking on Jubilee only to be attacked. Jubilee leaves Utopia to go see Xarus who proceeds in biting her. It's also revealed that Xarus only wants Jubilee so the X-Men can come to rescue her and fall into a trap....especially Wolverine.

While underwater, Namor has his encounter with a race of Atlantean vampires and is tasked with retrieving the head of Dracula. Storm and Gambit are sent to steal the headless body of Dracula from the vampires. Blade later has his encounter with Xarus who tells Blade his plans to take over San Francisco.

While attempting to free Jubilee, Wolverine is bitten by her. At the same time, the X-Men resurrect Dracula who declines to help them and says that he will deal with this himself.

As X-Club members Madison Jeffries, Kavita Rao, and Doctor Nemesis work on a cure for the vampirism, their test subject escapes and the lab goes into lockdown.

Upon Wolverine being added to the ranks of Xarus' army, the X-Men prepare to fight Xarus' vampire armies.

The Vampire Nation has gathered its forces for an assault on Utopia. Cyclops has prepared his defenses for this attack: only the literally tough skinned X-Men for combat, while the other remain inside the compound; Archangel has prepped himself for air defense; and Iceman is having his very body blessed by a priest, in an attempt to make it holy. The battle then begins, as the vampires attempt to press onto Utopia, through land, air and sea. The ground and air forces stop, as Wolverine lands down, who plows through his former comrades. But Cyclops then presses the button on a remote Doctor Nemesis gave him, causes Wolverine to rear down in pain. It is revealed that before Wolverine went out on his hunt for Jubilee, he had his blood taken to see if his healing factor could counteract vampirism. But unknown to him, Nemesis has injected him with nanobots to shut down his healing factor, as Cyclops had anticipated that he might be bitten and turned, before they could reactivate it unexpectedly. Back to his normal self, Wolverine turns on the vampires, as the X-Men and Atlanteans push the bloodsuckers out. Wolverine then warns Xarus over the video that he'll be coming for him. Unfazed, Xarus orders that a second wave be sent in. However, his aide informs him that they sent in all their available forces and it may take time for a new strikeforce to be organized. But Xarus would have none of it, declaring that he will take Utopia today, raise a flag over it, stand over Wolverine's bones and drink Cyclops' blood. Just then, Dracula walks in, reasserting himself as Lord of the Vampire. He grants amnesty to the other vampire sects for betraying him, all except Xarus. With the sudden return of his father Dracula, Xarus tries ordering his minions to help him, but receives no support. While the X-Men storm his lair, Xarus decides to deal with his father himself. But this time, Dracula is more careful and repays the favour by ripping Xarus' head off. It is then that the X-Men enter. Whereas Cyclops wants nothing more to do with the Vampire Nation, Blade doesn't see eye-to-eye with him and charges at Dracula, only to knocked unconscious with an optic blast. Cyclops then reminds Dracula of their previous, unspoken agreement. However, the Lord of Vampires muses that if his son was successful in uniting the vampire sects into one functional alliance, then perhaps he may finish what he started: conquer Utopia. Cyclops reminds him that before they reunited his head with his body, X-Club was studying it, meaning that he has a trick up his sleeve. After a short stare down, Dracula calls Cyclops' bluff, but nonetheless, decides to end hostilities with mutants. He even gives Jubilee back to them. Back at Utopia, Jubilee is put in isolation. Blade believes that the only solution is to put her out of her misery. Wolverine warns him not to, prompting the vampire hunter to leave. While watching it on the monitor, Cyclops and Emma wonder if Jubilee can be cured.

The story follows the return of Cable and Hope from the future to the present. Their arrival sparks off action from Bastion and his alliesStephen Lang, Bolivar Trask, William Stryker, Graydon Creed and Cameron Hodge. Bastion tells them that the Mutant Messiah has returned and gives them orders to kill her.

In a motel, a fire-fight between Cable and Hope and the Purifiers breaks out, Wolverine and the others arrive to help them. As the Alpha Team (Wolverine, X-23, Angel, Colossus, Nightcrawler, Psylocke and Magik) battles Stryker and his Purifiers, Magik makes her way toward Hope, under orders from Wolverine to teleport her to Utopia. But one of the Purifies opens a portal to Limbo she cannot control and she is drawn into it by a cluster of demonic tentacles. Subsequently, they incapacitate Nightcrawler with disorienting weaponry to prevent him from teleporting. Wolverine's team find Cable and Hope and after a short confrontation with another group of Sapien League members, the X-Men and Cable decide for a diversionary tactic. Cable remains behind with some of the X-Men, after learning from the New Mutants that Cable was being tracked, while Rogue, Nightcrawler, and Hope leave in order to protect the girl.

Parallel to this, the New Mutants arrive at Cameron Hodge's facility, where Cameron Hodge and his whole army of "Smileys" are killed by Warlock of the New Mutants at the behest of Doug Ramsey when his lifeforce and the lifeforces of the Smileys are forcibly absorbed by Warlock via their shared connection of the techno-organic Transmode virus. The New Mutants warn Cyclops of Bastion's towers.

Shortly after, Cyclops loses contact with the Alpha and Beta teams. The Alpha Team has been attacked by armored soldiers and a jet; in response, Psylocke telekinetically sends X-23 to the jet to commandeer it. Nightcrawler, Rogue, and Hope arrive in Nevada, where Bastion appears before them and brutally beats Rogue. Just as Bastion extends his arm to kill Hope, Nightcrawler teleports between them and is impaled in the chest. Nightcrawler teleports Hope to Utopia, where he tells her that he believes in her before he dies. When the Alpha Team returns to Utopia, Colossus wants Pixie to rescue Magik from Limbo. In Nevada, Bastion repairs himself and tells his followers to prepare for Plan B. As evening falls, Nightcrawler's funeral is held, with Beast arriving to place blame on Cyclops' shoulders.

Three and a half miles away from San Francisco, the X-Club investigate an oil rig and discover a ticking timer. Suddenly, an explosion is felt and Cyclops is certain that the X-Men's jets, the Blackbirds, have been decimated. Donald Pierce is found standing amid the debris, and rues that he will not live to witness the decimation of the mutant race. Cyclops eliminates him with an optic blast, and alerts the X-Men to expect an attack. With no teleporters, no planes, and no Cerebra, Cyclops announces that they are trapped on Utopia. Meanwhile, the X-Club Science team are caught in a trap of their own as they recover from the oil rig explosion. Through a conversation between Dr. Nemesis and the others, it is revealed that they are stranded just outside of San Francisco and Utopia.

Suddenly, an offshore explosion rocks Utopia sending X-Men reeling. When the X-Men gather near the Bay, they find a massive dome of energy enveloping both San Francisco and Utopia. The X-Men quickly attempt to destroy the dome, but to no avail. Namor appears and informs Cyclops that the energy dome also descends into the ocean floor, making it in actuality, a sphere. At the ruins of the oil rig, the X-Club attempts to analyze and dispose of the sphere. After a detailed scientific explanation provided by Madison Jeffries, the X-Club find themselves face to face with the Avengers, who are responding to San Francisco seemingly falling off the grid. In San Francisco, Magma, Namor and Cyclops survey the damage caused by the sphere via jetpacks, meeting at the Golden Gate Bridge. At the bridge they observe a smaller, silver sphere and conclude that it is powering the dome. The X-Men arrive. Under Cyclops’s orders, Iceman attacks the silver sphere only to be choked by a big metal arm. The other X-Men watch in horror as a legion of Nimrod type Sentinels begin to emerge.

With an army of Nimrod model sentinels’ continuing to emerge from Bastion’s time portal, a massive battle between the X-Men, their allies and Bastion’s forces ensues. The X-Men emerge from this battle victorious, but with several X-Men severely injured. Cyclops orders the strongest members of the X-Men to guard the portal while the injured are quickly ferried back to Utopia. Bastion tells his minions that the host of Nimrod sentinels faced by the X-Men was only a scouting party.

On Utopia, Cyclops gathers the core X-Men and briefs everyone on the state of things following the battle. Next Beast explains that Bastion’s portal is powered by an unknown energy source and made from an unknown origin. Beast also notes that the portal is temporal in nature connecting them to another period in history. Prodigy of the New X-Men team scans the portal again and discovers that there are at least 170,000 Sentinels waiting on the other side. Cyclops begins to formulate a new strategy which hinges on Cable using his last time jump to take X-force to the future to deactivate the sentinels. The revelation of the previously secret X-force team causes dismay amongst the X-Men who were unaware that the team existed or was murdering potential threats to mutants. Cyclops then sends all battle worthy mutants to the portal and tells them to prepare for another attack. The Stepford Cuckoos inform Cyclops that another wave of Sentinels are arriving. Colossus, Namor, Rockslide and Dust get ready to fight. Cable initiates the jump and X-Force leaves this timeline.

The X-Men then engage the Nimrods in battles all around the city and on Utopia. A Nimrod approaches Utopia and breaches its outer wall. Cyclops quickly shuts down several levels of the complex except for those most crucial and the resulting explosion from doing so destroys the Nimrod. Within the city, Storm, Surge, Iceman, Psylocke and Fantomex manage to destroy several Nimrods between them through coordinated efforts, while at the Port of Oakland, Namor fights several more by himself, but calls in for assistance as five more suddenly appear. Though at low power after a recent coma, Magneto defends the island against a horde of Nimrods to buy Beast time to treat the wounded.

In the future, X-force fights it way into a sentinel Processing Centre where Cypher takes over the programming of Master Mold and they shut down all of the Nimrods in both the present and future. Their mission completed, X-Force retrieves Cable and Cypher and make their way to the time portal to escape back to the present. Unfortunately, in the ensuing chaos X-23 is brutally burned when she attempts to cross through the time portal. The members of X-Force come to the conclusion that only inorganic matter is able to pass through the portal. With no other alternative, Cable sacrifices himself to hold the portal open and allow the others to return home.

Back in the present, as all of the Nimrods suddenly shut down, the X-Men are seen staring in shock and attempting to understand what has happened. Outside of the dome, Bastion appears with the reanimated Graydon Creed and Stephen Lang, commenting that while the Nimrods are gone, mutantkind is still trapped and that he will deal with the remaining mutants himself. After witnessing Cable's sacrifice, Hope manifests various X-Men powers such as Armor's psionic armor and Colossus's organic steel and kills Lang and Creed. With the assistance of the X-Men, she eradicates Bastion and shatters the dome surrounding the city. At a celebratory bonfire, Emma notices the flames around Hope take the shape of the Phoenix, and triggers a flashback to the Sisterhood storyline where Jean freed her from Lady Mastermind's illusion. Seized with terror, Emma runs to Cyclops to warn him. Before she can, Cyclops tells her that Cerebra has found five new mutants (Transonic, Velocidad, Oya, Primal, and Zero) that have appeared around the globe.

Necrosha (2009-2010)
Through her servant Eli Bard, Selene, the Black Queen of the Hellfire Club, had gained access to the Technarch transmode virus which she uses to resurrect a variety of deceased mutants to set her plans into motion of becoming a goddess.

One week prior the big event, Selene orders her minions to bring Destiny, who was resurrected by the Techno-organic virus, to her. The Black Queen wants to know what the future holds for her; Irene tells her she will achieve what she's set out to do and is put back in her cell again. Destiny insists she needs to do something, that otherwise will end badly. Somehow, Irene is able to contact Blindfold in Utopia and asks the girl to deliver a message. All by herself, Destiny believes she has made a mistake. Selene, however, gets something she didn’t plan for when another major villain is brought back to life along with the resurrected Destiny, Proteus.

Selene returns to the place of her birth in central Europe, accompanied by her new Inner Circle, consisting of Blink, Senyaka, Mortis,Wither, and Eli Bard. They then travel to the New York branch of the Hellfire Club where they slaughter every person there. She targets others who, according to her, have failed her in her quest for godhood, such as Sebastian Shaw, Donald Pierce, and Emma Frost (with whom she holds a particular grudge for having taken the "Black Queen" moniker when working for the Dark X-Men) as well as the X-Men because they have opposed her many times, and Magma for her betrayal in Nova Roma. Caliban and Thunderbird lead her to the ruins of Genosha where she claims this is where her journey will end and welcomes them to what she now dubs Necrosha. She sends most of the resurrected mutants to attack the X-Men on Utopia, and Cypher to kill Magma.

With Eli Bard, Selene resurrects the massacred residents of Genosha, with Cerebro and Bastion's computers detecting the rise of mutant numbers into the millions. There is a major problem though: a lot of the deceased have been depowered, despite having been killed BEFORE M-day. Wither and Mortis explain what happened and the Coven begins to set up base at Necrosha.

Meanwhile, Cypher sneaks into Magma's room and knocks her out; however, he cannot complete his mission of killing her due to the intervention of his former teammates and the arrival of Warlock. Sensing that something isn't right, Eli Bard reports to Selene what is happening prompting the Black Queen to send the Hellions to help and retrieve Cypher. The former members of the New Mutants team manage to defeat the Hellions, while Magik finds out that her Soulsword can damage the mutants revived by the Techno-organic virus. Warlock, apparently killed by Cypher, returns and manages to free his friend from the Techno-organic virus.

Amidst the chaos, a squad of resurrected Acolytes have come for the former White King of the Hellfire Club, Magneto, fighting Loa and temporary X-Man Deadpool, who finds out Loa's powers can damage the people revived by the Techno-organic virus.

While the X-Men battle Selene's troops in Utopia, Hrimhari the Wolf Prince finds out that his beloved Wolfsbane, who is into a coma, is pregnant with his child (who is neither mutant nor human), and Dr. Nemesis reveals that the unborn child is threatening her health and her life. Hrimhari gave his soul to the Asgardian goddess of the Underworld, Hela, in exchange that she restore Elixir (who was also into a coma) to life. Hela does so and they return to the Asgardian Underworld together, the Wolf Prince's final words being "that he would somehow find his way back to Rahne and their unborn child." Elixir then heals Rahne and when he realized that she was pregnant with the Wolf Prince's child and that she would not the survive the birth of such an hybrid creature, he transfers some of the baby's strength to Rahne.

Meanwhile, in Muir Island, Proteus used Destiny's body to send the message to Blindfold in order to lure the X-Men to there. After Blindfold delivers Destiny's message to the X-Men,Cyclops sends her to Muir Island alongside a team composed by Nightcrawler, Rogue, Psylocke, Colossus, Husk, Trance and Magneto. Proteus manages to leave Colossus unconscious and take mental possession of all the team except Rogue and Magneto. After a hard battle, Magneto finally manages to disperse Proteus's form, while Rogue (and later Psylocke) frees her teammates and Destiny from Proteus's possession, although Magneto recognizes that Proteus is still alive and it is only a matter of time before he returns. Destiny recognizes that the Techno-organic virus in her body is fading and she will soon die again, saying her farewells to Rogue before departing.

In Utopia, Selene’s plan leads to the X-Men and X-Force fight for their lives while the island is consumed by the Black Queen's forces. However, in order to perform the ritual that would turn her into a goddess, Selene needs the mystical dagger that Eli Bard had previously lost when attacked by the spirits of Warpath's deceased tribe, so Selene sends her Inner Circle to Utopia to retrieve it. During the fight against the X-Men and X-Force, Blink shatters Archangel's wings, Meld is fatally injured by Senyaka, and Utopia residents Diamond Lil and Onyxx are killed by Mortis and Wither, respectively. The Inner Circle then teleports back to Genosha, taking an unconscious Warpath with them. Once Bard gives Selene the knife and proclaims his eternal love for her, Selene stabs Eli, killing him (much to Wither's delight). Warpath is eventually rescued by the Vanisher but Selene absorbs the many souls around her, turning light blue and growing in size.

Selene finally becomes the goddess she had sought to be for so long (In the process, incapacitates sorcerers Dr. Doom, Dr. Strange and Brother Voodoo). Turning to her followers, she commands them to get her more souls. Warpath prepares the X-Force by teaching the Ghost Dance, a ritual he learned from Ghost Rider meant to kill evil spirits such as Selene, and they engage in battle against Selene's Inner Circle. During the fight, Thunderbird, Senyaka and Wither are killed, while both Mortis and Blink are defeated and run away.

Warpath was able to kill Selene by plunging her own dagger into her chest. Shocked that her moment of godhood was taken away so quickly, Selene explodes into rays of light, apparently dying and thus ending the effect of the corrupted Techno-organic virus in the bodies she revived. The X-Force, however, is fractured, with most of its members leaving the team, even though Cyclops states that soon the X-Force will be more necessary than ever.

Utopia (2009)
When the anti-mutant Humanity Now! coalition introduced Proposition X, an initiative requiring all mutants to undergo chemical birth control, riots erupted in San Francisco between mutants and anti-mutant protestors. Norman Osborn, formerly the Green Goblin and now the head of the national peacekeeping agency HAMMER, sent his superhuman Avengers, who were secretly disguised villains, to quell the riots and establish order. Osborn also approached Emma Frost, who had a pact with Osborn to stay out of each other's business, to lead a group of 'X-Men' that would police the mutant community. Emma pretended to agree, going undercover in his organization, bringing Namor with her. Unknown to all, Beast, Xavier and many other captive mutants were being held prisoner in Alcatraz, guinea pigs in a project designed to negate mutant powers. Cyclops worked with the X-Club to raise Magneto's former orbital base from he ocean's floor, converting it into an island four miles off the coast of California, a nation for mutants, free from governmental interference. Cyclops also asked Moonstar, a former Asgardian Valkyrie, to barter a deal with the Asgardian goddess of Death, Hela for a temporary power boost to help her battle the Avengers' Ares, the Olympian God of War. While the X-Men's teleporters moved San Francisco's mutants to the island raised by the X-Club, X-Force freed the mutant prisoners in Alcatraz and confronted Osborn's X-Men. Emma and Namor turned on their team, bringing street vigilantes Cloak and Dagger with them. Cyclops then proclaimed mutantkind's emancipation to the world, establishing the island as a mutant sanctuary. The gathered mutants rallied against an attack by Osborn's Avengers, who left the battle once Osborn realized to continue fighting would result in televised killings of mutants.

Messiah War (2009)
Cyclops forcibly sends X-Force into the timestream in pursuit of Cable and Hope, cutting their operation against the Leper Queen short in spite of Wolverine's protests. X-Force arrives in the year 2973, with 32.5 hours to complete their mission before their time-travel devices accelerate their biology and kill them. Elixir removes his time-band, but mysteriously does not return to the present. As Vanisherdiscovers his teleportation powers also don't work, he is shot by a sniper, who is revealed to be the future Deadpool. X-Force takes Deadpool with them in search for Cable, whom X-23 tracks to the old United Nations building. Wolverine makes his way inside and finds Hope, before being held at gunpoint by Cable. When the rest of the team finds them, Cable tells X-Force they've walked into a trap, and shows them the celestial fortress of Apocalypse in the distance.

Deadpool tells X-Force and Cable his history from the past 900 years, and reveals that Stryfe rules this future, not Apocalypse. Cable refuses to believe this, but before the argument goes further they're ambushed by Stryfe's soldiers. It's revealed that Stryfe has an alliance with Bishop, who agreed to help Stryfe kill Apocalypse in exchange for his aid in killing Cable. Bishop avoids thinking about his true mission (killing Hope) for fear of what Stryfe would do if he read his mind. As X-Force finishes off Stryfe's troops, Archangelmysteriously flies off into the distance. Domino begins to grow suspicious of Deadpool, who points out that Stryfe has just launched from his citadel and is about to "kill them all". Meanwhile, Archangel investigates a cave and discovers a severely injured, but still living, Apocalypse.

X-Force and Cable engage Stryfe in battle, but don't last long against his vast telekinetic abilities. Cable detonates multiple explosives that cause the cliff to collapse, hoping to give X-Force an opening to retreat, but Stryfe captures Hope and Warpath. Although Warpath is subjected to numerous forms of torture, he refuses to think about Hope and continues taunting Stryfe. Bishop uses the distraction to neutralize Stryfe with nanomachines and attempts to kill Hope, but as he finally corners her, Stryfe recovers and subdues him. Hope's significance is revealed as Stryfe scans Bishop's mind, and as he approaches her, she removes his helmet and mistakenly believes he is Cable in disguise. Meanwhile, X-Force splits into two teams: Wolverine, Elixir & Cable head off to confront Stryfe; Domino, X-23, Vanisher & Deadpool search for the source of what's keeping X-Force trapped in the future.

Warpath flies into a rage after seeing Hope in the hands of Stryfe, and tries in vain to defeat him. With both Warpath and Bishop defeated, Stryfe confidently awaits the arrival of Cable, who opens with a minor telepathic assault but is quickly defeated. Stryfe soon realizes the real purpose behind the mental attack: to cloak Wolverine, who savagely attacks him. Elixir takes the opportunity to use his death touch on Stryfe, but he soon subdues the two with his telekinesis. He telepathically forces Elixir to heal him while forcing Wolverine to stab himself in the eyes. In the cave, Archangel struggles with the decision of killing Apocalypse, but ultimately decides against it. He hands Apocalypse two metallic feathers, which Apocalypse uses to rejuvenate himself. Apocalypse proposes they kill Stryfe together.

Domino, X-23, Vanisher & Deadpool eventually track down the source of what's preventing X-Force from returning to the present: Kiden Nixon, strapped to a device inside Graymalkin that uses her time manipulation powers to keep Stryfe's fortress out of the timestream. As Domino and X-23 argue over what to do with Kiden, Deadpool suddenly declares he's going to save the "annoying messiah kid" and leaves. Meanwhile, Cable and Bishop recover from Stryfe's assault and do battle with one another, until Bishop leaves Cable to struggle alone against a brain-damaged Wolverine. As Bishop confronts Stryfe and Hope, Cable intervenes and is followed by Wolverine (still brain-damaged) who attacks Stryfe. Just as Stryfe gains the upper hand once more, Deadpool arrives with a giant-sized laser cannon and blasts him off the platform. As Wolverine starts to recover and Deadpool starts celebrating, Stryfe returns and rips Deadpool in half. Meanwhile, Archangel returns Apocalypse to his celestial fortress, where he returns to his full strength, and the two move forward to confront Stryfe.

As Wolverine, Elixir, Warpath & Cable prepare to battle Stryfe once again, the time-travel devices reach 0:00 and attempt to pull X-Force back into the present. Kiden is still alive and hooked into Graymalkin, so X-Force remains in the future and begin to suffer debilitating side effects. Domino kills Kiden with a shot to the head, despite X-23's protests, and Vanisher removes his time-band to return to present time. The rest of X-Force remains to help Cable, who continues his fight against Stryfe until Archangel and Apocalypse finally arrive. Apocalypse claims he has been cleansed of his former weaknesses, and declares the Age of Stryfe at its end. Bishop uses the distraction to make one last attempt on Hope's life, but is stopped by Cable. In the ensuing struggle, Bishop gains the upper hand before his right eye is cut out by Wolverine. As Apocalypse and Archangel easily defeat Stryfe, Bishop escapes into the timestream. Apocalypse senses great power in Hope and deems her worthy of hosting his essence, but Angel demands he return her as payment for sparing his life. Apocalypse agrees and gives Hope to Cable, warning him that emotion will be their undoing. As X-Force leaves the citadel, Apocalypse teleports away dragging Stryfe, promising to transfer his essence into him.

As Cable and Hope jump into the timestream, X-Force stays behind to position themselves. Wolverine, Archangel & Elixir head to the United Nations, where they hope to find Hellion and Surge when they return to the present. As the three remove their time-bands, Domino & X-23 struggle to return to the building where Boom Boom was held by the Leper Queen. Domino goes blind and X-23, realizing that Domino won't make it, cuts off her time-band. She vows that she will save Boom Boom, in return for Domino helping Kiden when she could not. X-23 crawls to her destination and, prepared to kill the Leper Queen, removes her time-band to return to the present.

In the epilogue, a one-armed, one-eyed Bishop vows to track down Hope once again.

Messiah Complex (2007-2008)
A mutant activation is detected in Alaska and Cyclops and several X-Men investigate, discovering bodies of Purifiers and Marauders. After discovering the source of the battle was for possession of a newborn baby, the group returns home and Cyclops seizes control of the X-Men from Professor X as Predator X detects the newborn mutant, and devours the bodies of the dead Marauders present.

Cyclops creates an "assault team" (consisting of Wolverine, Storm, Colossus, Angel, and Nightcrawler) with the intent of locating the Marauders, who have a comatose Rogue captive. Cyclops sends X-Factor leader Multiple Man and member Layla Miller to visit Forge, and has member Rictor (who lost his powers on M-Day) pretend to join the Purifiers to see if they have the baby. Forge tells Madrox thatScarlet Witch's hex spell flatlined mutants across all realities until the baby's birth, which spawned two futures with mutants present. Madrox sends a duplicate to each timeline, and Layla Miller runs in the portal with the second dupe as Madrox falls comatose and Forge takes care of his body.

Rictor joins the Purifiers and discovers they are working with Lady Deathstrike and the Reavers, and that they do not have the baby, as a group of New X-Men attack the Purifiers base. In the fight, Hellion is wounded and in an escape, Pixie accidentally scatter-teleports Rictor and her friends. The assault team track the Marauders to Alaska and attack them with Emma Frost's assistance, until Hellion's wounding leads to the assault team's defeat and Nightcrawler's injury. In New York, the O*N*E* Sentinels are infected by nano-Sentinels and turn on the X-Men, but they are defeated when Iceman returns with the scattered New X-Men. When the assault team returns and Wolverine tells Cyclops he learned Cable has the baby, Cyclops assumes his son used the nano-Sentinels to attack them for some reason, so he dispatches a new X-Force (consisting of Wolverine, Hepzibah, Warpath, Caliban, X-23, and Wolfsbane) to locate him. Cable wanders Alaska with the baby while Predator X continues killing mutants, making his way to the X-Mansion when it loses the baby's scent.

In the future, Layla and Madrox discover there are mutant concentration camps, a result of mutant activity, and they get themselves locked in one and permanently marked with "M" DNA face tattoos. In present day, X-Force finds Cable, who is battling Deathstrike and the Reavers. X-23 defeats Deathstrike at the cost of Caliban's life, and Cable steals X-Force's Blackbird, making a path for Texas, where he goes to Forge's headquarters to use a time traveling device. Cable is hit from behind by X-Man Bishop, who in the future, Madrox and Layla discover would kill the mutant "messiah" since she killed a million people and lead to the camps' creation. Bishop is ambushed by the Marauders, who take the baby to Muir Island under Gambit's leadership. Once on Muir Island, it is revealed that Mister Sinister, who has the baby, is actually Mystique and that Mister Sinister is dead by her forcing him to touch Rogue.

Cerebra is repaired and used to track Gambit as Cyclops rescues X-Force, Bishop and Madrox. Bishop says Cable knocked Forge out and ran away after both him and Cable lost the baby. Cyclops sends Bishop and X-Force ahead to Muir Island in a faster O*N*E* ship. After they leave, Madrox reawakens after Layla uses a stolen grenade to kill his duplicate and send future Madrox's memories to Madrox Prime, now with the duplicate's M scar. He tells the group about Bishop. Predator X arrives at the X-Mansion and fights the New X-Men until Pixie teleports them to Muir Island, and Cable uses his stolen Blackbird to get Xavier to help him, explaining that in his future, the baby was a Messiah who united all of man and mutantkind.

Mystique explains to Gambit that Destiny, her former teacher, had told her about the baby and that it would heal Rogue. She holds the baby to Rogue's lips, and Gambit removes her hand, saying Rogue wouldn't want an innocent to die for her, as the Marauders and Acolytes battle X-Force and the newly arrived X-Men. Professor X interrupts Gambit, coming in with Cable, and when Cable gets the baby again, Bishop walks in along with Predator X, and the mutant killer bites Bishop's arm off, and is killed by Wolverine. Rogue awakens and disowns Mystique as punishment for risking a baby's life, then touches her before realizing that the baby wiped her memories away. She leaves Gambit, along with her and Mystique's memories. Cyclops demands that Cable hand over the child, and Professor X, in a sudden change, tells Cable to do it, so that Scott can see what everyone's been fighting for. Cyclops remembers what it was like to lose Nathan, and tells Cable to take the baby and give it the chance Cyclops never gave his own son. An infuriated Bishop takes Scalphunter's gun and shoots as Cable timeslides to the future, missing him and hitting Professor X. After Professor X is shot, his body is teleported away as Cyclops declares there are no X-Men.

Endangered Species (2007)
The X-Men and various other mutants attend the funeral of a young mutant boy named Landru who has been killed in a road traffic accident and muse on what this means for mutantkind.

Beast plans to find a way to reverse M-Day. After he was unable to attain a solution he seeks the help of some of the world's most dangerous supervillain geniuses. Hank travels to Transia in search of the High Evolutionary, who discusses the possibility that science cannot undo something that magic ultimately caused. However he ultimately seems uninterested in helping. He does hints that Hank is not the first person to travel to Wundagore looking for a solution to the M-Day problem, nor the first to be dissatisfied with his answers.

Hank next receives an offer from Kavita Rao: with mutants as an endangered species, her research into depowering mutants has become pointless. Tissue samples from all the mutants that she depowered turned to dust on M-Day. she gives Hank her notes and lab and returns to India. Beast travels to the Neverland facility, whose mutant prisoners are revealed to having been killed after the facility was shut down by Weapon X. He discovers Dark Beast, who offers his help. Hank reluctantly accepts under the condition that the Dark Beast follows Hank's orders.

Dark Beast convinces Hank to take a serum of his own "liquid memory", wherein Hank experiences several of the Dark Beast’s memories. After experiencing the atrocities Dark Beast committed, Hank declares him insane. They arrive at a nuclear power plant inAlamogordo, New Mexico, that once served as a research facility for the "study" of mutations by an organization known as "Project: Black Womb", which was devoted to the vivisection of newborn mutants with evident signs of mutancy.

After realizing how the disappearance of the X-gene rendered such research null and void, Dark Beast suggests going to Genosha, scavenging dead mutant corpses. After extensive examination, Hank realizes that even if the X-gene was expunged from the world mutant population, many of them retained some of their altered body features. He proposes to Dark Beast that an artificial X-gene may be created through donation from the remaining living mutants and the dead mutants who still remained powered. They embark on a comparative analysis of depowered mutants, before and after the M-Day, to be able to comprehend the very nature of mutation itself, which Hank plans to do by first discovering how to keep old samples viable by examining the contraband drug Mutant Growth Hormone. With the aid of Bishop, Beast meets with an MGH dealer in District X, a former mutant ghetto, only to discover that if a donor mutant has been depowered, any MGH distilled from that mutant was also depowered.

Hank goes to see Forge, who reveals that he scanned alternate timelines known to have mutants with his equipment and has found that no more mutants exist in any of them, suggesting that those timelines have either been erased or altered.

Deciding to look into the parents of several mutants in the hopes of isolating chromosomes in order to create an artificial X-gene, Hank and the Dark Beast travel to the Guthrie home in Kentucky. Hank is unable to procure a blood sample from Mrs. Guthrie due to her fear of her remaining children becoming mutants and dying like their older siblings. At the same time, the Dark Beast coerces one of the younger children into taking an untested antidote to activate his latent X-gene. this causes the boy to fall into a coma with hives covering his arms. The two Beasts start to fight until Mrs. Guthrie shoots the Dark Beast with a shotgun. Hank saves the boy's life.

Some time afterwards, Spiral teleports to Hank and claims that Mojo is displeased with the fact that mutants are now an endangered species, which will affect his television ratings. Spiral advises him that when science can't help, magic might be a solution.

Hank goes to see Doctor Strange, who shows him the true depth of the Scarlet Witch's spell: it has woven itself through billions of people and countless other worlds and dimensions. Hank asks if the spell can be reversed, and Strange replies that with enough preparation and assistance, it is possible. But as the spell is now, he claimed even trying to break it could cause reality to implode upon itself.

Hank and Doctor Strange travel through alternate realities to find an answer but can not find one.

Beast travels to Transia where he meets Wanda Maximoff on the streets, however, she does not remember anything of her life as the Scarlet Witch. Beast tries to tell Wanda who she was and what she has done, but she simply dismisses the topic and leaves. Beast, having made no progress on his search, returns to Neverland and gives all the corpses a separate burial.

House of M/Decimation (2005)
Wanda Maximoff, also known as the Scarlet Witch, is living on the devastated island of Genosha under the care of Professor Charles Xavier and her father Magneto. Professor X informs Magneto that his telepathic powers will no longer be enough to hold back Wanda's reality-warping abilities and that a permanent solution must be found. Magneto blames himself for twisting his children through the strength of his own dreams and ambitions.

Meanwhile, Xavier arranges a meeting of the Avengers, the X-Men and several lone heroes to Avengers Towers to decide the fate of Wanda Maximoff. Emma Frost concludes that killing Wanda is the only way to end her destructive magic. Captain America, however, argues that the group should seek alternate methods of dealing with Wanda including suppression of her powers and her insanity. The X-Men argue that if word gets out that a mutant with the ability to change reality went insane, it would "send human-mutant relations back to the stone-age." As the conversation progresses, it is revealed that Professor X asked Doctor Strange to help Wanda, but unfortunately neither was strong enough to combat her magic. Wolverine speaks up, saying that there is no other way—Wanda must be killed. The rest of the group, however, decides that they must talk to Wanda in person before making their decision.

Back in Genosha, a distraught Quicksilver rushes to Magneto and reveals that he was just in New York where he heard that the X-Men and Avengers are planning on killing Wanda. Magneto angrily replies that he does not know what to do. Quicksilver falls to the floor sobbing and Magneto glances over at his sleeping daughter.

Xavier takes the two groups to Genosha, only to discover that Wanda is missing. Suddenly, the members of the group start to disappear one by one. Spider-Man is soon the only one left and becomes engulfed by a white light.

When the light departs, we see that the world has changed: Spider-Man is a celebrity actor/athlete married to Gwen Stacy; Cyclops and Emma Frost are married; Doctor Strange is a psychologist; Carol Danvers is now Captain Marvel, America's most beloved superhero; Gambit is a criminal; and Steve Rogers is an aged veteran. As we follow vignettes of their lives, it becomes readily apparent that none of them remember the change. However, Wolverine recalls all of his lost memories and knows this new world is a lie. He finds the world has changed into one where homo superior are the dominant species instead of homo sapiens. Mutants rule humans—and Magneto and his "House of M" rules mutants.

Wolverine seeks help from his fellow X-Men and Avengers. Unable to find Professor X, Wolverine goes looking for Spider-Man and Tony Stark. He is confronted by his "teammates" in the Red Guard, elite mutant soldiers of S.H.I.E.L.D. Wolverine escapes and finds the Human Resistance Movement led by Luke Cage. Cage has gathered other non-mutant crimefighters to protect humans from the House of M's abuses of power. Wolverine is shocked to see one of the members is Clint Barton (Hawkeye), a hero who had died in the real world.

Wolverine explains why he knows this world was created by the Scarlet Witch. He theorizes Magneto used her to create a world where everyone's deepest wish was granted. Magneto got the mutant supremacy he always wanted. Spider-Man got a life of happiness and contentment. Wolverine got back all the memories he has lost over the years. Cage reveals that a little girl named Layla Miller told him almost exactly the same thing days ago. The heroes begin visiting the Avengers and X-Men in their new lives as Layla awakens their true memories.

Wolverine and the Human Resistance awaken many heroes to the truth, including Cyclops, Spider-Man, Shadowcat, Doctor Strange, Iron Man, She-Hulk, Daredevil, Rogue, Mystique,Nightcrawler, Toad, and Spider-Woman. Hawkeye becomes distraught over learning of his death and briefly leaves the group. The rest travel to Genosha for a final confrontation with Magneto.

Back in Genosha, Magneto receives representatives from around the world to commemorate the mutant triumph over humanity. The heroes attack Magneto and his family directly, while Cloak, Emma Frost, Doctor Strange, and Layla search for Xavier. They find a gravestone with Xavier's name, but Cloak discovers no body buried beneath it.

The battle between the House of M and the heroes continues with great ferocity. While the chaos ensues, the Scarlet Witch disappears from the battlefield only to be discovered by Doctor Strange in a tower with her children. The two begin to talk as Doctor Strange attempts to discover the origin of the madness that is happening. Wanda reveals the answer to him in a flashback from when Quicksilver confronted Magneto about the fate of Wanda. It turns out that Quicksilver himself was the one responsible for the creation of the alternate world, suggesting to Wanda to make everyone happy in an almost-perfect world. After this revelation, Emma Frost tells Doctor Strange to ask about the fate of Charles Xavier. Before she can answer, Wanda is struck in the back by an arrow.

The attacker is Hawkeye, who begins to break down emotionally to Wanda about his death in the real timeline. After a heated exchange, Hawkeye is killed for the second time as one of the Scarlet Witch's antagonized sons uses his mutant powers to "erase" the Avenger. Meanwhile in the memorial garden, Magneto confronts Emma Frost and Layla Miller, who reveal the truth to Magneto about all that has happened. He then unleashes his wrath on everyone, especially his son Quicksilver. He nearly kills Quicksilver by pummeling him to a bloody pulp with large pieces of steel. Suddenly the Scarlet Witch appears, stopping Magneto and returning her brother to healthy form. She begins to lash out, saying "We're freaks, Mutants... You chose this over us and you ruined us... Daddy!" She then utters "No more mutants." Everything turns to white once again.

In a blinding flash, the world seemingly returns to normal.

The Avengers come together to try to make sense of what happened that night, only to be confronted by a distraught Doctor Strange who states that the House of M really took place and its effects are slowly being felt on a wider scale. They later get an alert from the ruins of Avengers Mansion. Investigating, they find Hawkeye's uniform pinned to a wall with his arrows. It suggests Hawkeye has returned to life.

At the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning, most of the students lose their mutant abilities. Emma Frost scans the whole world with Cerebro for mutant activity. She learns the number of mutants in the world has dropped from millions to a few hundred. Meanwhile, Wolverine awakes remembering everything about his past. The X-Men fly to Genosha looking for Magneto and his children. They find Magneto is also powerless, and does not know where Wanda or Quicksilver have gone.

The heroes can only guess about what has caused the majority of the mutant population to lose their powers. With Xavier still missing, and with the Scarlet Witch probably depowered (as she could not be detected by the Cerebro scanner or by Doctor Strange, though she later appears to be living a normal life), the mutant population can only hold on to Hank Pym's words that all these powers could not simply vanish... They are contained somewhere, and that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. The question remains, as Pym said, "What will be the reaction?"

As if to punctuate this statement, a colossal red ribbon of energy begins to orbit Earth.

Eve of Destruction (2001)
With the Legacy Virus cured through the sacrifice of Colossus' life, Magneto becomes obsessed with the death of the X-Men and what he felt was Xavier's inability to keep Colossus (who had lost his family due to the Legacy Virus and anti-mutant forces) from dying for the sake of mutantkind.

Magneto attacks the X-Mansion, kidnapping Xavier and taking him to Genosha, where he crucifies his former friend and places a device on Xavier's skull that neutralizes his powers. He then begins a ruthless campaign of recruiting mutants for Genosha's armies. Magneto also agrees to let reporter Trish Tilby visit Genosha. During a one-on-one interview, Magneto announces that with Genosha free of the taint of the Legacy Virus, that the country will begin taking action to secure the planet for mutants. He dares humanity to attack his country pre-emptively.

Magneto's actions come as the X-Men are at their weakest point in terms of strength. Storm, Beast, Rogue, Psylocke, Tessa, Bishop, and Thunderbird III have left the United States to find the diaries of Rogue's foster mother Irene Adler (the precognitive mutant Destiny). With Cable and Shadowcat retired and Angel on a leave of absence, only Jean Grey, Wolverine, and Cyclops are left to deal with Magneto's latest power play and the kidnapping of Charles Xavier.

While Wolverine and Cyclops sneak into Genosha to help Polaris with getting Genoshan humans to safety, Jean Grey gathers a varied team of mutants. Two are neophyte civillains code-named Omerta and Wraith. Jean recruits Alpha Flight member Northstar and the mutant strong-woman and Magneto supporter Joanna "Frenzy" Cargill, who Jean Grey literally brainwashes into becoming an X-Man.Sunpyre, a stranger to Jean, appears instead of the expected help of Sunfire. The situation is so extreme Jean accepts her help anyway. Omerta and Northstar literally come to blows, as Omerta is prejudiced against Northstar's homosexuallity.

As the group prepares to fly to Genosha, they are joined by former X-Man Dazzler. In a telepathic conference involving the entire team, it is learned Dazzler has come seeking the X-Men's help, as the Mojoverse has been conquered by an X-Baby version of Apocalypse and his X-Baby versions of the "Four Horsemen" from the "Age of Apocalypse" reality. Dazzler tells Jean that the mini-Apocalypse has killed Mojo and Longshot and all but decimated the entire Mojoverse, but she is willing to put aside the problem to help the X-Men fight Magneto. Meanwhile, Amelia Voght, a former friend of Xavier turned follower of Magneto begins to fear for Genosha's future if Magneto's new aggressive foreign policy brings forth a global "Human Versus Mutant" war.

The makeshift X-Men are attacked by Magneto as they reach Genosha, as their plane is destroyed and they are magnetically lowered to Magda Square, an arena Magneto has set up for the inevitable showdown. Showing off the crucified Xavier, Magneto is attacked by Dazzler, who Magneto promptly disintegrates with an electromagnetic energy blast.

This leads to a full-on battle with the makeshift X-Men and Magneto, as Cyclops and Wolverine join the battle. Wolverine's arrival leads to Magneto overpowering the clawed mutant and proclaiming that he's going to remove the adamantium from his skeleton again but to his horror, he finds himself unable to do so.

At this point, Xavier reveals himself and explains that Amelia Voight freed him from the cross at the start of the battle and with Jean Grey running telepathic interference, had Dazzler use her powers to create a hologram of herself (which was what Magneto "destroyed") while she took Xavier's place on the cross, using her hologram powers to impersonate Xavier.

Magneto realizes that the X-Men have outsmarted him but remains defiant in regards to his plans to militarize Genosha and turn the country into an aggressive global super-power in the name of mutants everywhere. Wolverine responds by stabbing Magneto in the guts, as the X-Men leave Magneto bleeding on the ground.

Returning home, the neophyte X-Men leave and Dazzler, for reasons unknown, declines to stay and prepare with the X-Men to free the Mojoverse from Baby Apocalypse's control. Alone in the X-Mansion, Jean Grey, Cyclops, and Professor Xavier take up Wolverine's offer for a drink to celebrate their victory.

Dream's End (2001)
Mystique and her Brotherhood attempted to assassinate Senator Robert Kelly as he announces his plan to run for President of the United States. Dr. Moira MacTaggert was killed by Mystique but managed to reveal the cure of the Legacy Virus to Professor X before her death. The cure of the mutant-killing Legacy Virus was released with the sacrifice of Colossus.

Apocalypse: The Twelve (2000)
Ages of Apocalypse (2000)

Apocalypse began his attack by planting a fake Wolverine among the ranks of the X-Men. This led Xavier, who suspected the infiltration, to disband the X-Men. The X-Men parted ways, and soon after, Rogue and Shadowcat found themselves protecting Mystique from Japan's military, the Yakiba. As Rogue fought Sunfire and his men, Kitty watched over Mystique and found, unwillingly, Destiny's diary. The diary itself had a very cryptic description of a "thirteenth" and told that the Twelve would be involved in the destruction of the world.

With the death of Wolverine's imposter, the X-Men reunited at the mansion, only to discover it wasn't truly Wolverine who had died, but a Skrull. The infiltrator had been found. To save Polaris from abduction, Cyclops took her place using an image inducer, and the X-Men followed him to the Skrulls' lair, where they were attacked by Death, Apocalypse's most lethal and fiercest Horseman, the same person responsible for the death of the fake Wolverine. After a heavy battle, Death was unmasked by Colossus. The X-Men were surprised to see their newest enemy was in truth the real Wolverine. Death escaped, leaving the X-Men with half-truths and enigmas that needed solving.

Soon after, Xavier revealed the "List of Twelve", written in Destiny's Diary. The Twelve were:
Magneto and Polaris, representing opposing magnetic poles.
Storm, Sunfire and Iceman, representing the elements (with Storm evolving into a primal elemental force).
Cyclops, Phoenix and Cable, representing family (Father, Mother, Child), and chosen for the power of the Summers-Grey bloodline.
Bishop and Mikhail Rasputin, representing time and space, respectively.
Professor X, representing the mind.
The Living Monolith as the core.

The Horsemen of Apocalypse kidnapped Cable, Mikhail Rasputin, Iceman, Sunfire and the Living Monolith. The X-Men, with Magneto's help, rushed to Egypt, to Apocalypse's lair. They were soon attacked by an army of Skrulls and followers of Apocalypse. Amidst the battle, Bishop, who had been trapped in an alternate future reality, appeared out of thin air, furthering the confusion. Thanks to illusions and lies, the agents of Apocalypse were able to kidnap all remaining members of the Twelve. Their true role was then explained at last. Placing the Twelve inside containment cells, part of an ages-old Celestial machine, Apocalypse revealed his plan was to siphon the energies of the "Eleven of Power" through the Living Monolith to start the machine, which would grant him omnipotence. Apocalypse explained the role of each mutant: Polaris and Magneto were opposing magnetic poles; Storm, Iceman and Sunfire were extreme forces of nature; Cyclops, Jean, and Cable represented the unity of family; Bishop and Mikhail provided control over time and space; and Xavier provided the power of pure thought. However, Apocalypse knew his frail, centuries-old body would not be able to withstand such power. And that's when he revealed the thirteenth mutant, the X-Man, Nate Grey. He intended to transfer his consciousness into Nate's young body and then use the energies of the Twelve to evolve.

He began the process, but Magneto's then-recent power loss was something Apocalypse had not counted, and soon his energies were depleted, creating a break in the chain of power. Apocalypse increased the flow of energies, attempting to bypass the break, but this drove the Living Monolith insane, destroying his containment unit and starting a rampage that unwillingly released the X-Men. While half of the team battled the Monolith, the other half attempted to stop Apocalypse. Jean Grey exposed the true nature of Apocalypse, showing his rotting body inside his armor. As he tried to enter Nate Grey's body, Cyclops took his place, sacrificing himself to save Nate. Jean attempted to contact her husband's mind, but Xavier claimed there was nothing of Cyclops left inside Apocalypse.

The story carries on into the Ages of Apocalypse arc, where Apocalypse using the energies gathered from the Twelve, re-made reality twice, attempting to re-create the process once more and finish his transformation. He was unable to do so, for the X-Men fought him both times, in the past and the future. His energies spent, he and the Living Monolith escaped. The X-Men had prevented Apocalypse from becoming a god, at the seeming expense of Cyclops' life. Heartbroken over her husband's death, Jean took a leave of absence from the X-Men.

The Magneto War (1999)
Magneto constructed a North Pole base containing devices that enabled him to control Earth's bioelectric magnetosphere, then issued an ultimatum to the world: Cede authority to create a haven for mutants, or suffer a crippling global electromagnetic pulse. Following a failed UN nuclear attack against him, Magneto fought the X-Men and Joseph, who had learned his origins as the clone of Magneto. Joseph sacrificed himself to repair Magneto's damage to the atmosphere, and the UN granted Magneto sovereignty over Genosha in the hopes that the turmoil in the country would distract him from his world conquest ambitions.

The Hunt for Xavier (1998-1999)
The X-Men attempt to find the location of Professor Xavier, who has been missing ever since the authorities arrested him in the wake of the Onslaught disaster. Their quest for him leads them once again into the path of Cerebro, the mutant detecting device used by the X-Men which has now gained sentient life. This time, it has gained a new form, as opposed to mimicking Charles Xavier and creating a team of fake X-Men. Cerebro has begun kidnapping mutants left and right to "catalogue" them and has begun targeting members of the newly reformed Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, who reveal to have Xavier as their prisoner/reluctant mentor.

The X-Men split in two as they are joined by the young mutant Nina, who was Xavier's fellow prisoner during his time in jail. As they find out the location of Cerebro's lair, Cerebro nonsensically changes his entire plan to not cataloging mutants but cataloging (IE digitalizing and storing) all humans on Earth, hence bringing about a perverted version of a mutant utopia for Xavier.

While the X-Men distract Cerebro and his drone units, Nina restores Xavier's mental powers (which were deactivated by Onslaught) and together, they force Cerebro to mindlink with all of humanity. Experiencing all the individual souls of humanity causes Cerebro to stop his evil scheme and literally fade away into oblivion. Xavier agrees to return home with the X-Men, reuniting the team with their mentor.

Operation: Zero Tolerance (1997)

Build-up to Operation: Zero Tolerance

Aftermath of the Onslaught Saga
Most of the core non-mutant superhero teams (the Fantastic Four, a number of the Avengers and Bruce Banner), along with the surprising aid of Doctor Doom, in the Marvel universe "sacrificed" themselves in order to help destroy Onslaught by leaping into his body, which consisted of raw energy at the time. The only superheroes who were left outside of Onslaught were all mutants who could not enter into Onslaught due to his ability to siphon their powers and a handful of non-mutant superheroes including Spider-Man, Daredevil, and Dr. Strange that were not present at the battle. Members of the X-Men were then left to physically attack Onslaught directly and eventually succeeded in destroying him and in the process, seemingly those who had leapt into his energy form as well.

The assassination of Graydon Creed
This led to a great amount of distrust being harbored toward all mutantkind. Shortly thereafter, Graydon Creed, a presidential candidate and outspoken proponent of mutant hatred, was assassinated by what was meant to look like an energy blast of some kind. This escalated humanity's festering feelings toward mutants.

The fallout of both of these events served as a springboard for the man known as Bastion to suggest to the government that he should begin a plan. In order to keep the nation safe from the growing mutant threat, Bastion proposed the capture and extermination of as many mutants as he could find.

Operation: Zero Tolerance begins

Bastion, along with the aid of his newly constructed Prime Sentinels, was given approval to implement this plan, which was dubbed "Operation: Zero Tolerance". He managed to capture a large number of the X-Men early on and was also able to seize control of theXavier Institute for Higher Learning (in the process gaining access to vital information regarding numerous mutants).

Over the course of the story, Jubilee was captured and mentally abused in order to access the secrets she knew. Cyclops had a bomb implanted in his chest after being captured by Operation: Zero Tolerance along with Jean Grey, Storm, Wolverine and Cannonball while returning from Japan. Cable infiltrated the X-Mansion after it was occupied by Operation: Zero Tolerance to free Caliban and destroy Xavier's files to prevent Bastion from getting access to them. The X-Mansion was stripped of its technology. Cecilia Reyes and Marrow join the X-Men after confronting Bastion with Iceman. During this time, Iceman acted as a leader of the small splinter group he was traveling with (consisting of the previous mentioned Cecilia Reyes and Marrow as well as Sabra, who had been tracking Bastion and investigating the actions of the Operation: Zero Tolerance operatives). Despite initially being ambushed by numerous Prime Sentinels, they managed to locate the home of Rose Gilberti, the woman who had cared for Bastion, in Connecticut. Upon their arrival, they were surprised by Bastion and the Prime Sentinels who had been waiting in the home after having taken both Gilberti and a detective's son hostage. After hearing what Bastion had to say in regard to his mother, Marrow became enraged and tried to viciously assault the woman, claiming revenge for the fate that her mentor Callisto had suffered as a result of her encounter with Operation: Zero Tolerance. This prompted Iceman to stop her, only to mount an attack against Bastion on his own. Iceman was able to catch Bastion by surprise, knocking him out of the house and onto a nearby shoreline. Despite initially having the upper hand against Bastion, Iceman halted his attack in an attempt to goad Bastion into killing him. As Bastion began to relay orders to his battalion of Prime Sentinels to destroy the mutants, S.H.I.E.L.D. forces converged en masse to the shoreline, revoking the rights of Operation: Zero Tolerance to further act on American soil. Faced with the knowledge that S.H.I.E.L.D. had been given authorization to use necessary force to stop him, Bastion issued the command to his Prime Sentinels to stand down. Bastion is then arrested and taken into S.H.I.E.L.D. custody at the end of the storyline.

Onslaught (1996)
Frustrated by growing anti-mutant hysteria, Legacy Virus deaths, and his own failures, Xavier began to release his long-repressed negative emotions. Combined with Magneto's dark ego - including his anger, grief and lust for vengeance - a powerful psychic entity called Onslaught gained sentience. Onslaught believed in Xavier's dream of peaceful coexistence but sought to eliminate independent thought by bonding all humanity into a single collective intelligence. Secretly recruiting and empowering soldiers in his quest and absorbing the abilities of other psychics including Franklin Richards and X-Man, his powers grew exponentially, threatening all reality. Onslaught was eventually defeated with the seeming sacrifice of Earth's heroes including the Avengers and Fantastic Four, stoking the public's anti-mutant animosity.

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Legion Quest (1994-1995)
Legion (David Haller), a powerful psionic mutant on Earth and son of Professor Charles Xavier, travels back in time with the intention of killing Magneto, believing that Magneto's death will allow Xavier to achieve his dream of human/mutant equality. However, Legion traveled to a time when Magneto and Xavier were still friends. As Xavier dies trying to protect Magneto, Legion vanishes, and a new time-line is created. The only person aware of how history has changed is Bishop, a time traveling mutant who followed Legion.

Phalanx Covenant (1994)
The X-Men are attacked by the Phalanx, mutant-hating humans who have used the alien Warlock's techno-organic virus to turn into techno-organic beings themselves. With these powers the Phalanx are able to change their shape and assimilate organic matter. As the Phalanx they are a hive mind, programmed to destroy all mutants.

The Phalanx Covenant was told in three separate storylines:
Generation Next: With the X-Men gone, Banshee, Emma Frost, Jubilee and Sabretooth have to save the next generation of mutants from the Phalanx agents led by Harvest. This storyline also planted the seeds for Marvel's next mutant title, Generation X.
Life Signs: X-Factor, Excalibur and X-Force discover that the Phalanx are losing their hive-mind programming and are becoming more and more independent and alien. The rogue Phalanx Douglock takes Forge, Wolfsbane and Cannonball on a mission to prevent the Phalanx Shinar from contacting the alien Phalanx.
Final Sanction: Cable, Wolverine, Cyclops, and Phoenix reunite to rescue the X-Men by infiltrating the main base of the Phalanx.

Bloodties (1993)
Fabian Cortez, formerly of the Acolytes, leads the mutate population in Genosha in rebellion against the government. He kidnaps Luna, who is the daughter of Quicksilver and Crystal of the Inhumans; and granddaughter of Magneto, in order to get revenge on Magneto. Since Quicksilver had ties to the X-Men and Crystal is a member of the Avengers, both teams enter Genosha to stop him. The conflict is further complicated when Exodus, self-proclaimed heir of Magneto, seek to kill Cortez for his betrayal of Magneto and Luna for disgracing Magneto by merely being human. At the end, Exodus seemingly killed Cortez while both teams left Genosha with Luna.

Fatal Attractions (1993)
The Acolytes, now led by Fabian Cortez, attack Camp Hayden, the headquarters for Project: Wideawake, the latest government Sentinel program. The base is defended by government-sponsored mutant team X-Factor, and as the battle rages Cortez makes an offer toQuicksilver to be the Acolyte's new leader, accepting his role as Magneto's heir. The Acolytes leave after Quicksilver strongly declines.

X-Force is approached by the mutant Exodus, who brings an offer of sanctuary from an unknown greater power. It is revealed that the "sanctuary" (which is referred to as Avalon) is in fact Cable's former base of operations Graymalkin (now retrofitted with Shiar technology), and the "greater power" to be the mutant Magneto, who was presumed dead after the fall of Asteroid M. Cable teleports X-Force away from Avalon using the station's bodyslide technology, while he retrieves the sentient computer program Professor from the central core and activate the auto-destruct function. However, he is only successful in the former objective, as Magneto prevents him from fulfilling the latter, and Cable very nearly loses his life in a lopsided battle before teleporting himself out. The mutants Rusty and Skids, who were cured of their brainwashing at Stryfe's hands by Magneto, elect to stay aboard Avalon.

While the X-Men are burying Illyana Rasputin (who was killed by the Legacy Virus), Magneto and the Acolytes crash the funeral, stating their intentions to wipe out humanity from Avalon, their space station. Colossus, distraught over his sister's death and faltering in his faith in Professor X and his dream, joins Magneto and the Acolytes.

Magneto unleashes an electromagnetic pulse on the Earth that creates havoc on the world's electrical systems. Professor X dons aShi'ar exoskeleton that enables him to walk, and assembles Jean Grey, Gambit, Rogue, Quicksilver and Wolverine to go to Avalon and stop Magneto. Arriving via Shi'ar teleportation device, the team boards Avalon and disables the station with a virus created by Beast. Magneto engages the X-Men in battle, and in a fit of rage after nearly being gutted by Wolverine, tears the adamantium out of Wolverine's skeleton. Professor X, enraged by Magneto's actions, mindwipes Magneto, leaving him in a coma. The X-Men race back to Earth to treat Wolverine, while Colossus stays in a devastated Avalon to care for the comatose Magneto.

As the Blackbird returns to Earth, it runs into rough turbulence. Flashes of Wolverine's consciousness are shown as he struggles to stay alive. The X-Men on Earth watch in horror as the crew frantically tries to stabilize the ship and care for Wolverine. The ship's hatch opens, and Wolverine sees himself "going towards the light", but he is pushed back. He awakens in time to prevent Jean Grey from getting sucked out of the Blackbird. The X-Men land on the Earth safely. As Wolverine recovers from his injuries, he and the X-Men learn that his claws were a part of his actual skeletal structure all along, as he now possesses claws made of bone.

On Muir Island, the X-Men use Shadowcat to lure in Colossus in an effort to heal his head wound (caused by the X-Cutioner), which they believed was responsible for his defection. The ruse works, and while Nightcrawler fends off the Acolytes' attempts to reclaim their ally, Professor X and Moira MacTaggert heal Colossus, using Cyclops' optic blast. Once again able to return to his human form, Colossus still elects to remain amongst the Acolytes, to keep them in check.

X-Cutioner's Song (1992-1993)
Mutant pop-star Lila Cheney organizes a free concert in Central Park to promote diversity in society and invites Professor Charles Xavierto speak at the concert. His speech is interrupted by Stryfe who, disguised as his doppelganger and arch-nemesis Cable, shoots Xavier with a bullet that infects the professor with a lethal strain of the Techno-organic virus.

Meanwhile, War and Famine, the Horsemen of Apocalypse, attack Iceman and Colossus, distracting them from Caliban, who kidnapsCyclops and Jean Grey. The Horsemen are working for Mr. Sinister, who is impersonating the Horsemen's former master Apocalypse. Mr. Sinister organized the kidnapping as part of his newly formed alliance with Stryfe. Stryfe trades Mr. Sinister a canister containing the past and future Summers family DNA history, and receives Jean Grey and Cyclops in the exchange.

While Xavier is rushed to the hospital, X-Factor and the Blue X-Men Strike Force go after X-Force, Cable's team of mutants formerly known as the New Mutants. X-Force, however, is in the dark about Cable's current location (having been separated from him during a S.H.I.E.L.D.-organized raid of their headquarters). But tension caused by their association with Cable causes the two groups to attack and ultimately capture X-Force. Meanwhile, Mr. Sinister doublecrosses Stryfe by revealing to the X-Men that Stryfe, under the guise of Cable, was the shooter.

While the Blue X-Men strike team, X-Factor, Boom Boom and Cannonball go after the Mutant Liberation Front, Storm's Gold X-Men strike team, along with Quicksilver, confront Apocalypse over Scott and Jean's kidnapping, hoping as well to gain a cure for the virus that is threatening Xavier's life. Apocalypse is incredibly weak, having been nearly killed by Cyclops in their previous encounter and having been prematurely awoken from his regeneration chamber by his minions the Dark Riders. After learning from the Dark Riders that someone had been impersonating him, and ordered his old minions to kidnap Jean and Scott, Apocalypse barely escapes with his life. Archangelfinds himself becoming more and more consumed with punishing Apocalypse for his crimes, most notably Apocalypse's converting Archangel into the blue-skinned, metal winged angel of death.

The Mutant Liberation Front is defeated, though at the cost of Rogue being blinded by MLF member Strobe. Meanwhile Bishop andWolverine locate Cable and after a brawl, realize his innocence and agree to work together to find Jean and Scott.

Apocalypse is ambushed by Stryfe, who declares that he is out for revenge for unknown wrongs committed against him as a child by Apocalypse. After Stryfe stabs Apocalypse in the chest, he escapes and Apocalypse seeks refuge amongst the X-Men, ultimately curing Xavier of the techno-organic virus as payment for sanctuary.

Cyclops and Jean are systematically tortured by Stryfe, who blames the two mutants for ruining his life; a claim that leaves the two X-Men stunned since they never encountered Stryfe before their kidnapping. Making cryptic comments about the two being his "mother and father", Stryfe and his new minions the Dark Riders, who pledge their allegiance to Stryfe after he defeats Apocalypse, move the two to Apocalypse's former base on the Moon, where Scott and Jean escape, entering the vacuum before realizing they are not on Earth. Her powers no longer blocked, Jean sends a frantic SOS to Wolverine, who discovers at the same moment the two's location.

The X-Men, knowing Xavier will live now that Apocalypse has safely purged the techno-virus from him, head into space to save their teammates. Cable, Wolverine, and Bishop head out to Stryfe's base on the Moon too and arrive there first, decimating Stryfe's defenses just as the X-Men (Storm, Psylocke, Polaris, Cannonball, Havok, Iceman and Archangel) and Apocalypse arrive. Splitting up, Apocalypse is ambushed by the Dark Riders, who mercilessly beat their former master to the brink of death. Apocalypse is later confronted by Archangel, who gets his revenge by refusing Apocalypse a mercy killing.

Upon catching Jean and Scott Summers outside the moonbase, Stryfe saves the two mutants and takes them to a giant time portal he had constructed on the Moon. As Cable, Cannonball, Havok and Polaris make their way to the tower, a forcefield is activated that prevents any without the Summers DNA from approaching the tower (i.e. Polaris and Cannonball) just as Stryfe activated the tower's time portal technology. Cable is able to pass through this forcefield so he could confront Stryfe alone, as Stryfe planned. However Stryfe did not realize Havok, being Scott's brother would also be able to pass through the forcefield, so the two may confront Stryfe together. After neutralizing Havok, Stryfe horribly injures Cable then reveals his cyborg visage, including his robotic left side of Cable's face. Stryfe cryptically condemns Cable as being "a feeble copy" of Stryfe and a "mockery of humanity". Stryfe then tries to kill Cable but is consequently distracted from holding Jean Grey and Cyclops in telekinetic bondage resulting in them being breaking free. Playing on Stryfe's emotional pain and anger, the two try to calm Stryfe from his rampage but Stryfe refuses, stating that he has been abused and betrayed too many times to believe them. Stryfe collapses the active tower upon the X-Men as Cable grabs Stryfe and orders Cyclops to activate the time vortex, a plan that would kill both Stryfe and Cable. Cyclops reluctantly does so; both men are sucked into a massive vortex that is created as the tower explodes in a fireball.

As the X-Men gather on the moon, Havok reflects on how the crisis began with everyone believing Cable to be the murderer, but in the end he saved them all. Cyclops and Jean Grey meanwhile have more important and ultimately more tragic things to ponder: the fact that either Stryfe or Cable is Cyclops' son Nathan Christopher Summers, who Cyclops was forced to abandon and send into the future after Apocalypse infected him with a techno-virus.

Mr. Sinister has a minion, Gordan, open the canister given to him by Stryfe only to find it empty. As Mr. Sinister is walking away angrily, he hears Gordan cough and tells his minion to see a doctor. As the story ends, Stryfe's ultimate revenge is unleashed upon the world in the form of the Legacy Virus, which Stryfe placed inside the container he traded Mr. Sinister.

Professor X discovers that the techno-organic virus has left him temporarily capable of walking and spends his few hours without paralysis bonding with Jubilee. Rogue and Gambit hang out together as Rogue agrees to let Gambit be her "eyes" until she regains her sight, laying the groundwork for the two finally becoming a couple. Archangel and Beast rebuild the bar that Cyclops and Jean Grey were kidnapped in and think back to their days as the original X-Men, culminating in Beast revealing to Archangel how he took money from Warren to write a term paper for him only to doublecross his friend and tell Xavier about it, leading to Warren being outed as a plagiarist by Xavier in front of the rest of the original X-Men. The two X-Men begin to wrestle, as Angel quickly forgives Beast for backstabbing him.

Muir Island Saga (1991)
After warnings from Forge and Banshee, the X-Men and Professor X investigate Muir Island, whose inhabitants have been taken over by the Shadow King. They are captured by the inhabitants. Professor X returns to his mansion, now in ruins after the Inferno storyline, to use Cerebro, only to find Stevie Hunter on the run from Colossus, also controlled by the Shadow King. Professor X battles Colossus and frees him from the Shadow King's control, but he is forced to strip away the Peter Nicholas persona he had been using since passing through the Siege Perilous. Xavier decides to call in his original students, now forming the team X-Factor.

On Muir Island, Wolverine separates himself from his party and is attacked and freed from control by Forge. Rogue appears, ready to attack, but she too is taken out by Forge. The three regroup, but are quickly attacked by Banshee, who is also quickly taken down and freed. Banshee explains that Shadow King has been using Polaris as a nexus between the physical world and the Astral Plane since the time Zaladane stripped Polaris of her magnetism powers. Using her new powers to absorb negative energy for superhuman strength, Shadow King plans on becoming all-powerful. They fear that to break that connection and defeat him, they may have to kill Polaris.

With X-Factor gathered, Professor X plans a strike on Muir Island using resources provided by Val Cooper. X-Factor lands on the island and quickly neutralizes its defenses. Back at the base, Professor X is attacked directly by the Shadow King, using his host body Jacob Reisz, who thinks he has control of all those present, including Cooper. She reveals herself to be a disguised Mystique and kills Reisz. Shadow King quickly shifts to a new host, Legion. As X-Factor and the freed X-Men reach Polaris, Legion sets off an explosion that destroys much of the island.

Professor X lands on the island himself, but finds Legion holding all of his students captive. Legion is attacked unexpectedly by Storm, freeing the X-Men. He retreats and unleashes the X-Men and Muir Island inhabitants to take down his enemies. Professor X decides they must attack the Shadow King on both the physical and astral planes to defeat him, so he sends half the team to break the nexus formed with Polaris and the other half to protect his body while he is on the Astral Plane. He begins his battle with the Shadow King, but now the villain has become too powerful to attack. Jean Grey, finding the damage inflicted to Xavier on the Astral Plane affecting his actual body, brings herself and the accompanying X-Men onto the Plane to assist. In the physical world, Forge defeats the still-controlled Psylockeand uses her psychic knife on Polaris to disrupt and sever the nexus. His power source destroyed, the Shadow King is ripped apart.

In the aftermath, Professor X fails to repair the mental damage to Legion's mind, leaving Legion brain-dead, but is comforted by X-Factor's decision to rejoin the X-Men. Val Cooper, returned from Shadow King's control, recruits Polaris, Guido Carosella and Jamie Madrox into a new government-sponsored team to replace Freedom Force.

X-tinction Agenda (1990 - 1991)
A group of Genoshan Magistrates (soldiers of the country of Genosha), backed by the cyborg Cameron Hodge, and including an amnesiac Havok (a member of the X-Men), attack the X-Mansion and kidnap Storm and the New Mutants Warlock, Boom Boom, Rictor, and Wolfsbane. They are taken to Genosha naked and weak. Warlock is killed and Storm and Wolfsbane are brainwashed, turned into mindless mutate slaves, which form the backbone of the Genoshan economy and lifestyle. Cable, the New Mutants, Gambit, Forge, and Banshee recruit X-Factor and head to Genosha to save their teammates. They are soon joined by Wolverine, Psylocke, and Jubilee, who independently head to Genosha to rescue their friends.

In the end, the X-Men defeat the forces of Genosha and Cameron Hodge's severed head is buried alive by Rictor, who uses his earthquake-inducing powers to topple the Genoshan capitol building "The Citadel" onto Hodge. Storm, whose body had been physically regressed into that of a child in an earlier story, albeit with her adult memories and personality intact, is freed of the brainwashing, and regained her adult form. Wolfsbane is also freed from her brainwashing, but is trapped in a lupine form permanently. Havok (having gotten his memories back) elects to stay in Genosha along with Wolfsbane to help rebuild the country (now without a government) and prevent civil war between its human and mutant populations.

Inferno (1989)
Jean Grey's clone, Madelyne Pryor, was taken in by the demons from Limbo, S'ym and N'astirh. They planned for a demonic invasion of Earth, beginning with Manhattan. Illyana Rasputin of the New Mutants began to mutate into a demon and N'astirh tricked her into opening a gateway. The city of Manhattan fell under siege, and the Avengers, Fantastic Four, Daredevil, Power Pack, and Spider-Man had to fight numerous demons, most importantly Hobgoblin, now possessed by a demon that did not disappear with the others when the crisis was over, and the mutant-hating Boogeyman, transformed into a monster by N'astirh. Even objects became demonically tainted and people's souls became twisted. Havok, Dazzler, Wolverine, Longshot, Archangel, and Storm all fell to the darkness to some extent. Colossuswas one of the few who remained wholly immune to the effects of Inferno, due to the protection of his organic steel armor, which is a naturally disruptive force against magic. Some civilians weren't so lucky; some were maimed, others were simply devoured and/or killed.

As shown in Daredevil, life tried to continue as normal in the city. Buses still ran, under an all-volunteer force since the drivers had either been eaten or subsequently transformed into demons themselves. Subways functioned, though Daredevil had to save one from being sucked into the depths of Hell. Stores still sold products. Helicopter tours ran.

Other parts of the city did not function as well. The Daily Bugle was under siege, though fortunately for the untrained civilians and an injured Spider-Man inside, the demons shattered under one blow. Demons also attacked Osborn Chemical, and Harry Osborn put on hisGreen Goblin suit to defend it. Kang the Conqueror sought control of Mantis.

In the late stages of the story the seven-year-old Illyana could be seen in Limbo. Illyana finally chose to give up her demonic powers by creating a massive stepping disc that banished most of the demons back to Limbo, including S'ym, then throwing her Soulsword in after them to seal the portal shut. Afterwords the New Mutants found the seven-year-old Illyana inside the husk of Magik's armor. Their guess was that Illyana had removed her seven-year-old self from Limbo, thus negating everything that had happened, except that they still remembered the teenage Illyana who had never existed and they remembered events that had not happened. While the bulk of the demons were now gone, Madelyne Pryor and her servants remained, and many parts of the city remained demonically transmogrified. N'astirh was destroyed by the combined efforts of the X-Men and X-Factor, and finally only Madelyne herself was left. Jean Grey battled her clone and despite Madelyne's powers being enhanced by demonic magic, gained the upper hand. Finally unable to go on, Madelyne forcibly linked herself to Jean's mind and willed herself to die, attempting to take Jean with her. However, as Madelyne breathed her last, the fragment of the Phoenix Force that first gave her life emerged and bade Jean to use its power to save herself. Jean did so, thus breaking Madelyne's mental hold on her. New York then returned to normal. The X-Men and X-Factor then went after Madelyne's creator,Mister Sinister, who was responsible for the manipulations which led to Madelyne's creation. Cyclops blasted Sinister to a smolder, though he would eventually return.Despite all of the destruction and death, many human Inferno survivors were convinced it was all a shared hallucination..

The Fall of the Mutants (1988)
"The Fall of the Mutants" consists of three separate non-intersecting storylines: one involving the X-Men, one involving X-Factor, and the other concerning the New Mutants.

TFotM: Uncanny X-Men
The X-Men head to Dallas, Texas in search of their missing and de-powered leader Storm, herself seeking the mutant inventor Forge to restore her powers. Upon arrival, they encounter Freedom Force, a government-sanctioned strike team of reformed villains led by Mystique, who are under orders to arrest the X-Men for refusing to comply with the Mutant Registration Act, and a fight ensues. Freedom Force's mutant precog Destiny then has a vision: everyone inside a particular Dallas skyscraper at dawn will be dead. Once it begins snowing - in Texas, in the middle of summer - and as cavemen, dinosaurs, and other strange peoples and creatures begin appearing, the two teams realize that something of immense gravity is going on. Calling a temporary truce, they turn to restoring order to the chaos engulfing the city. Many of the events are broadcast on television by reporter Neal Conan and cameraman Manoli Wetherell, who accompany the X-Men and Freedom Force.

Storm and Forge meanwhile find themselves in a pristine, natural world all to themselves. In this new Earth, time proceeds at an accelerated rate, and while only a few moments pass in the main reality, a year does for them. Storm, still hating the man she once loved (as Forge invented the Neutralizer gun that removed her mutant powers), spends most of the year in solitude until she is finally ready to make her peace with him. Forge meanwhile had been developing technology from the ground up, eventually creating the tools - and with circuitry sourced from dismantling his bionic arm and leg - enabling him to build a device which restores Storm's weather manipulation powers. Storm, after months of being grounded takes to the skies again with joy, and Forge uses his shamanic magic in conjunction with her lightning bolts to open a portal back to Dallas.

Time and space meanwhile runs amok in the city, as the X-Men and Freedom Force find themselves amidst a scene from the Vietnam War. It is revealed that during his tour of duty, Forge had used his shamanic powers to summon a demon to avenge his fallen comrades. However, in his naiveté, he did not realize that the spell required the souls of his nine comrades, and unleashed a horde of demons he had no way to control, including the Adversary, the creature responsible for the chaos they now found themselves in.

As Storm and Forge join the battle, it quickly becomes apparent that the Adversary cannot be defeated, and the only way to be rid of him is for Forge to cast the same spell and seal him away forever. Millions watch the television broadcast (including a horrified Kitty Pryde) as Forge casts the spell, using the souls of the nine X-Men (Storm, Wolverine, Colossus, Longshot, Rogue, Dazzler, Psylocke, Havok, and Cyclops' estranged wife Madelyne Pryor) to fuel it. As foreseen by Destiny, the X-Men die. However, the goddess Roma, who'd also become embroiled in the day's events, takes pity on the X-Men for their noble sacrifice and returns them all to life, additionally commenting to them that as foul and evil as the Adversary is, he should not and cannot be locked away forever, since from the chaos he creates positive change and growth occurs. However, he was bound for an age, which Roma decreed was sufficient punishment for his crime. She additionally made the X-Men invisible to all forms of surveillance save plain sight, thus allowing them to continue with their operations while the world assumes they are dead. Before they head to Australia to establish a new base, she gives them the Siege Perilous, telling them they could use it to 'reset' time should they be discovered.

TFotM: X-Factor
The story begins with the team of Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Beast, Iceman and Caliban being transported to the Ship of the villain Apocalypse. Offering them a place by his side in his evolutionary war against humans, they refuse, and a battle ensues between X-Factor and his Four Horsemen. The horseman Death then reveals himself to be their former teammate Angel, thought dead and now remade in Apocalypse's image with deadly, razor-sharp wings. He quickly defeats the team and they are restrained save for Caliban, who surrenders himself to Apocalypse in return for powers like Death. Apocalypse then unleashes his Horsemen on New York City and tries to force the heroes to watch. They are able to break free of their restraints, though, and attempt to stop the Horseman. In the process, they accidentally cause Apocalypse's airship to lose control, damaging several skyscrapers as it loses altitude. The preteen superhero team Power Pack helps limit the damage, destroying part of the airship's engine cowling just before the cowling would have impacted the Statue of Liberty. As the team battles the Horsemen, Iceman comes up with an idea to stop Archangel, and quickly creates a statue of himself out of ice. Archangel attacks and breaks the statue and, thinking it is actually Iceman, is overcome with guilt and switches sides. Apocalypse easily repels his attacks, but decides to make a tactical withdrawal anyway. After he leaves, the team quickly attempts to regain control of Apocalypse's airship, eventually bringing it to land on top of their headquarters, crushing it.

TFotM: The New Mutants
The New Mutants (Cannonball, Cypher, Magik, Mirage, Sunspot, Warlock, and Wolfsbane) head off to visit their friend Bird-Brain on his remote island. There, they quickly discover that Bird-Brain's creator, the Ani-Mator, is creating more semi-sentient creatures (the Ani-Mates), which he mistreats and experiments on. As the team attempts to free them, the anti-mutant organization known as the Right tracks them down and attacks. During the three-pronged battle, Cypher is shot and killed, taking a bullet meant for Wolfsbane. Eventually, Bird-Brain defeats the Ani-Mator and becomes king of the Ani-Mates, and Magik teleports the Right's soldiers, along with the Ani-Mator himself, to Limbo. They then return home, where Magneto (headmaster of the Xavier School in Professor X's absence) blames humanity for Cypher's death. Disgusted, the team quits Magneto's tutelage, while deciding to stay dedicated to Professor X's dream of peace.

Mutant Massacre (1986-1987)
The mysterious Marauders attack a mutant named Tommy and her Hellfire Club boyfriend in Los Angeles for the purpose of following her back to New York and finding the location of the underground mutant community known as the Morlocks. The Marauders kill Tommy and hundreds of Morlocks before the X-Men and X-Factor teams arrive separately and fight them, avoiding the total slaughter of the Morlocks. The two teams however do not meet during the battle and suffer crippling losses: X-Factor's Angel is crucified by the Marauders while the X-Men's Colossus, Shadowcat, and Nightcrawler are all severely wounded. X-Factor's casualties are less due to the arrival of Power Pack and Thor, who help save the horribly wounded Angel and the rest of X-Factor from suffering any additional harm.

Thor uses his powers to cleanse the dead from the Morlock tunnels with fire, which causes problems for the X-Men, who briefly believe that the firestorm was caused by the Marauders and believe that the New Mutants died in said fire.

Meanwhile Wolverine saves the Power Pack from the Marauder Sabretooth. After the fight, Sabretooth follows Logan home to the X-Mansion. He destroys Cerebro, but is kept from hurting the other Morlocks when Psylocke engages Sabretooth in battle. Wolverine and the rest of the X-Men arrive and Sabretooth falls off a nearby cliff in order to escape the X-Men, pursued into the water by Wolverine. As the fight continues in the ocean, Psylocke is able to glean some information about the Marauders from Sabretooth's mind.


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