Cyclops and Wolverine attended an international arms conference to persuade nations to disable their Sentinels. However, rogue mutant Quentin Quire launched a psychic attack, triggering an international incident. Nations all over the world brought their Sentinels out of storage, many of them malfunctioning. X-Men were dispatched all over the world to stop the robots. Cyclops sent his most powerful team of X-Men to make an appearance at the opening of a mutant history museum in order to counter the onslaught of bigotry on the public relations front. However, all went according to the plan of Kade Kilgore, a twelve-year-old boy who became the Black King of the Hellfire Club. Kade led an attack on the museum and young Idie Okonkwo eventually killed members of the remaining Hellfire Club henchmen. A bomb went off and the debris formed itself into a gigantic Sentinel which attacked Utopia. Cyclops and Wolverine had disagreements throughout the events, including Cyclops' decision not to hand Quentin Quire to the authorities and Cyclops' request of Idie to kill the Hellfire Club henchmen. Things came to a head when Wolverine disagreed with Cyclops' decision to ask the younger mutants to defend Utopia in the absence of the older X-Men. The X-Men and young mutants managed to defeat the Sentinel but Wolverine decided to leave Utopia and establish another sanctuary for younger mutants.

Cyclops' Side

Title: Uncanny X-Men
Featuring Cyclops' Extinction team
Cyclops' X-Men interact with the rest of the Marvel universe

Search and rescue team featuring the next generation of new mutants led by the messiah child Hope

Title: New Mutants
X-Men clean up team, featuring members formerly in the New Mutants

Mini-Series: X-Club
X-Men's science team

Wolverine's Side

Featuring Wolverine's Jean Grey School

Title: X-Men Legacy
Featuring Rogue and a supporting cast of X-Men and students.

Features a team of X-Men as heroes

Strike force led by Wolverine

Title: X-Factor
Investigation agency led by Havok and based in Manhattan.
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