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Age of Apocalypse

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1995 - 1996 Age of Apocalypse

Age of Apocalypse is crossover published in the X-Men franchise of comics in 1995 to 1996. During this period of time, the monthly titles were temporarily replaced with new titles. The new titles include Astonishing X-Men, Amazing X-Men, Generation X, Gambit and the Xternals, X-Calibur, Weapon X, X-Man, and Factor XX-Men Alpha was published as the introduction and X-Men: Omega was published as the conclusion. X-Universe was also published to depict stories regarding the other heroes. Later, prequel series and titles were published. This included X-Men Chronicles #1 and #2, Tales from the Age of Apcalypse: By the LightTales from the Age of Apcalypse: Sinister Bloodlines, Blink #1-4, X-Man #-1, X-Men '96 Annual and Blink #1-4. The story takes place in an alternate reality which became known as the 'Age of Apocalypse' reality.

Killed by Magneto in X-Men Omega

Horsemen of Apocalypse
(From top to Bottom)
Nemesis, escaped into 616 reality during X-Men Omega
Mikhail Rasputin, killed by Don Blake in X-Universe #2
Abyss, killed by Banshee in Amazing X-Men #4

X-Men Alpha

Legion (David Haller), the son of Professor X, traveled back in time with the intention of killing Magneto, believing that his death would allow Professor X to achieve his dream of peaceful co-existence between humans and mutants. However, while Legion was dealing the killing shot, Professor X saved Magneto and got hit himself, dying. The fight was monitored by the mutant supremacist Apocalypse who decided to accelerate his plans for world conquest.

Magneto assembled his X-Men but his team was unable to prevent Apocalypse from conquering North America. Apocalypse began a genocidal campaign to kill humans. Apocalypse also sent his son Nemesis (later Holocaust) to attack the X-Men, succeeding in killing the Scarlet Witch, Magneto's daughter.

The time-displaced Bishop confronted Magneto with his dreams of another reality without Apocalypse's taint.


Astonishing X-Men
Magneto (leader)
Wild Child

The Astonishing team is led by Rogue, Magneto's wife. The team was sent to stop the human cullings. They fought the Horseman Holocaust, who managed to escape. They return to their headquarters in the Xavier Mansion to find Magneto and his son captured by Apocalypse and his forces.

Amazing X-Men
Quicksilver (leader)
Iceman, missing, presumed deceased
Banshee, killed in battle with Abyss in Amazing X-Men #4
Exodus, missing, presumed deceased

The Amazing team was sent to Maine to help humans evacuate to Europe. The team fought the Brotherhood of Mutants and the Horseman Abyss, defeating them. The team then split up with Iceman joining Rogue's team; Dazzler and Exodus searching for Magneto's son; and Quicksilver, Storm and Banshee going to rescue Bishop.

Sent on solo mission

Former Members
Scarlet Witch, killed by Nemesis at the start in X-Men Chronicles #1
Jean Grey, departed with Weapon X
Weapon X (Wolverine), departed with Jean Grey
Gambit, left after Rogue chose Magneto over him
Colossus, left to form Generation Next 
Shadowcat, left to form Generation Next


Charles Lehnserr, son of Magneto and Rogue

Appearance: X-Men Alpha
Unus is a Prelate and led a team of Infinites to fight the X-Men. He was killed by Iceman.

Appearance: Amazing X-Men #3
Vanisher led a team of Infinites to clash with Magneto and Bishop but ran away before any fight.

(Clockwise from top)
The Brotherhood was led by the Horseman Abyss to attack a team of X-Men attempting to help evacuate humans to Europe. Box and Copycat later fought Weapon X and were killed. 
Appearances: Amazing X-Men #1-2, Weapon X #2
Box, killed by Weapon X in Weapon X #2
Yeti, dealt with by Iceman in Amazing X-Men #2
Copycat, killed by Weapon X in Weapon X #2
Arclight, dealt with by Iceman in Amazing X-Men #2
Spyne, dealt with by Iceman in Amazing X-Men #2

Generation X
Generation Next
Colossus and Shadowcat left the X-Men to train a group of young mutants. They were sent to Seattle's Core to rescue Colossus' sister Illyana who is the last surviving transdimensional teleporter. Illyana was the slave of the Sugar Man, a prefect of Apocalypse. Eventually, Colossus left his whole team for dead to rescue Illyana.
(Clockwise from the top)
Colossus and Shadowcat (trainers)

All the students except Husk and Know-It-All died in Generation X #4. Shadowcat was accidentally killed by Colossus and the latter was himself killed by Gambit in X-Men Omega.

Sugar Man
Sugar Man was a prefect based in the Settle's Core. He fought Generation Next.
Appearances: Generation Next #2-4, X-Men: Omega
He escaped into 616 reality in X-Men: Omega.

Gambit and the X-Ternals
Gambit and the X-Ternals
Gambit left the X-Men after Rogue chose Magneto over him. He formed the X-Ternals team, which was sent by Magneto into deep space using Lila's teleporation powers to retrieve a shard of the M'Krann Crystal, which will verify Bishop's claims of a better reality. The X-Ternals were pursued by Richter's forces and had to fight the Shi'ar Imperial Guard to obtain the shard. When the team returned to Earth, Guido betrays them, stealing the shard and kidnapping Magneto's son, Charles.
(Clockwise from the top)
Gambit (leader)
Guido, killed by Rogue in X-Men Omega
Sunspot, died helping the team escape from the Shi'ar galaxy
Lila Cheney

Richter (Rictor)
Richter fought Gambit and his Xternals. He was killed by Apocalypse upon his return.
Appearance: Gambit and the Xternals #1-4


Nightcrawler was sent by Magneto to Avalon to locate Destiny, a prophetic mutant, who can verify Bishop's claim of a better reality. He traveled to Avalon where he brought together a team called X-Calibur. He fought Apocalypse's Pale Riders consisting of Moonstar, Damask and Dead Man Wade; along with another servant Shadow Thief. Damask switched sides upon realizing the beauty Avalon can provide.
(In order of pictures)

Pale Riders
The Pale Riders was sent to stop Nightcrawler and his X-Calibur.
Damask (above)
Dani Moonstar (below)
Apperance: X-Calibre #1-2
Moonstar was shredded by Damask's blades.

Dead Man Wade
Appearance: X-Calibue #1-3
Dead Man Wade was eventually killed by Nightcrawler.

Weapon X

Weapon X
Weapon X and Jean Grey departed the X-Men and ended up helping the Human High Council. They drifted apart, as Jean Grey disagreed the Council's plans to launch a nuclear strike on North America. After Weapon X fought the cyborg Donald Pierce, Jean Grey left to help evacuate North America. Weapon X was sent to recruit Gateway, whose teleportation capabilities is needed to bring the fleet to US. Weapon X joined the fleet to travel to US in an attempt to find Jean Grey.
Weapon X (Wolverine)
Jean Grey, believed killed in X-Men Omega


X-Man is a mutant born of Cyclops and Jean Grey's DNA. He is the most telekinetic in the world and lived under the guidance of Forge, who is the leader of a group of outcast. They rescued Sonique, who became X-Man's lover. They also encountered Essex, who encouraged X-Man to unleash his full potential, against Forge's advice. Essex was not what he seemed, killing Brute when the latter discovered who he is. The group was attacked by Domino, Grizzly and Caliban. Domino and Caliban, along with Toad and Mastermind were killed in the process. Forge was killed by Essex and dying in X-Man's arms, revealed that Essex is a traitor. Essex revealed himself to be Sinister, a Horseman of Apocalypse. X-Man defeated Sinister and left Sonique and Soaron to seek revenge for Forge's death.
Featuring resistance team consisting of
(clockwise from top)
Forge, killed by Sinister in X-Man #3
Sonique (Siryn)
Brute, killed by Sinister in X-Man #3
Toad, killed by Grizzly in X-Man #3

(Image below)
Mastermind (left), killed by Domino in X-Man #3
Soaron (right)

Bounty Hunters
The bounty hunters fought Forge's group of outcasts. All of them were killed.
Appearances: X-Man #2-3, Domino appeared in X-Man #1

Killed by X-Man in X-Man #3

Killed by Forge and Sonique in X-Man #3

Killed by Toad in X-Man #3


The Mutant Elite Forces is tasked with maintaining control of Apocalypse's breeding pens, where mutants are imprisoned, tortured and experimented on by the Dark Beast. Havok, jealous of his brother Cyclops' leadership role, discovered that Cyclops was a traitor, helping people escape from the pens. Northstar and Aurora were injured in such an attempt. Havok exposed Cyclops and attempted to kill him but Cyclops escaped with the aid of Jean Grey, who arrived to evacuate people the Human Council's nuclear bombs strike the US. The Bedlam brothers joined Cyclops and defeat Amazon and Cannonball. Cyclops and Jean defeated Havok, and as they led prisoners out of the pens, Havok was determined to kill his brother.
Featuring Sinister and Mutant Elite Force consisting of 
(Clockwise from Centre)
Cyclops, incarcerated after X-Men Omega
Dark Beast, escaped to 616 during X-Men Omega
Northstar and Aurora, Beaubier twins
Havok, killed by Weapon X in X-Men Omega
(From to Bottom)
Amazon (Left) and Cannonball (Right), Guthrie siblings
Terrence Aaronson (Left) and Jesse Aaronson (Right), Bedlam siblings

Appearance: Tales from the Age of Apocalypse #1-2
Emplate (Top) and Monets twins (Bottom), St. Croix siblings
Emplate was killed by Corsair while the Monets were incapacitated.


Human High Council
The Council governed Eurasia and did their best to stop Apocalypse. The Horseman Mikhail Rasputin traveled to Europe to strike a peace deal with the humans. His real intention was to send his catatonic underling Empath to hypnotize the masses. Empath was cared for by the "Keeper" Murdock, a blind human. A group of agents (Tony Stark, Gwen Stacy, Don Blake, Susan Storm, Ben Grimm and Victor Von Doom) infiltrated Mikhail's base, stopping his plans. Bruce Banner joined the group. Don Blake eventually sacrificed himself to kill Mikhail, while the rest of the agents evacuated the High Council and the other humans as Apocalypse launched a massive attack.
(clockwise from top)
Mariko Yashida
Emma Frost
Moira MacTaggert-Trask
Bolivar Trask
Brian Braddock

Tony Stark
Gwen Stacy
Don Blake, died killing Mikhail Rasputin in X-Universe #2
Susan Storm
Ben Grimm
Victor Von Doom

Magma was recruited by Apocalypse to be an assassin. She was sent to London to eliminate the Human High Council but was stopped and killed by Weapon X.


Heaven is a nightclub in Manhattan

Angel (owner)
Appearances: Tales of the Age of Apocalypse #2, X-Men Alpha, X-Calibre #1, Factor X #1-3, Amazing X-Men #3, Factor X #4, X-Men Omega
Angel maintained his club as a neutral ground. The Mutant Elite Forces frequented his club. He grudgingly helped the X-Men on several occasions.

Appearances: X-Men Alpha, Amazing X-Men #2, X-Men Omega
Karma was captured by Apocalypse's forces who wanted information on Angel's dealings. She was tortured, dying in the hands of Angel, who had came to find her.

Scarlett McKenzie
Appearances: X-Men Alpha, Factor X #1-4
Scarlett is a performer in Heaven but is also a secret member of the Human Resistance. She was eventually captured by Havok.

Servants of Apocalypse

Sebastian Shaw
Appearance: X-Men Alpha, Amazing X-Men #2

Shadow Thief
Appearances: X-Man #1-2, Amazing X-Men #3, X-Men #3, X-Calibre #4, X-Man #4, X-Men Omega.
Shadow Thief is Apocalypse's telepath.

Appearances: Astonishing X-Men #1, X-Man #1, Amazing X-Men #2, Astonishing X-Men #2, X-Man #2, Factor X #3, Astonishing X-Men #3, Weapon X #4, X-Men Omega

The Madri is an army of clones created by Madrox Prime's powers. In the end, Madrox Prime shut down his own mind to disable the Madri.
Appearances: Gambit and the Xternals #1, X-Calibre #1, Amazing X-Men #1-2, X-Man #2, X-Calibre #2, The Age of Apocalypse: The Chosen, Amazing X-Men #3-4

X-Men Omega
In Apocalypse's base, a captured Magneto escaped and fought Apocalypse. The X-Men teleported into Apocalypse's base via Blink's powers and captured the Dark Beast. Angel decided to break his neutrality, sacrificing himself to destroy Apocalypse's force field generators. This allowed X-Man to enter Apocalypse' base where together with Magneto, they faced off Apocalypse and his son Holocaust. Magneto was freed and he sent Destiny and Illyana to enter the M'Krann Crystal in order to send Bishop back into the past. Magneto resumed his fight with Apocalypse; X-Man fought Holocaust and the X-Men dealt with other Apocalypse' minions.

Meanwhile, Cyclops and Jean Grey evacuated mutants from the Dark Beast's breeding pens. Havok arrived, killed Jean Grey and shot Cyclops. Weapon X arrived and killed Havok in revenge.

Illyana and Destiny successfully sent Bishop into the past, where he killed Legion before he can accidentally kill Xavier. Colossus went insane fearing for the safety of his sister Illyana, accidentally killing Iceman and Shadowcat before he was killed by Gambit. X-Man stabbed Holocaust with the M'Krann shard during the battle. This allowed both of them to survive into the real reality. Dark Beast and Sugar Man also managed to escape into the real reality. Magneto successfully killed Apocalypse. The survivors stood around as the Human Council's nuclear bombs fell, with Magneto hoping that Bishop's success would make his world mere memories.

The nuclear explosion engulfed them in a bright light.


Four mutants managed to make it to the normal reality following the supposed destruction of the Age of Apocalypse reality: X-Man, Sugar Man, Dark Beast and Holocaust.
Age of Apocalypse (2005)

In 2005, the X-Men: Age of Apocalypse One-Shot and X-Men: Age of Apocalypse #1-6 miniseries were published. The X-Men: Age of Apocalypse One-Shot featured short stories, including the story of how Colossus and Shadowcat left the X-Men to train Generation Next; how Sabretooth met Wild Child; the first appearance of the Silver Samurai and how the world survived the Human High Council's nuclear attack.

As the nuclear bombs fell down on the US, they were stopped. A seemingly dying Jean was the one who stopped the bombs with her powers. However, the world at large believed Magneto to be the savior and he was revered. The former Horseman Sinister approached Magneto with an offer to keep the truth in secret in exchange for the body of Jean Grey, whom Magneto kept. To maintain the charade so as to become a mutant leader the world can believe in, Magneto complied.

The X-Men took in new members, including Kirika and mysterious Xorn. Xorn soon revealed himself to be Husk, who escaped the Seattle Core. She had kidnapped Magneto's son Charles in revenge for her abandonment in the Core and was aided by her family in her revenge but her ploy was stopped by the X-Men, with the help of Psylocke.

Sinister revealed himself with his Sinister Six team, which included a revived Jean Grey who possessing Phoenix Force-level powers. During the ensuing fight between the X-Men and the Sinister Six, Quicksilver was killed. Weapon X got through to Jean Grey in time and she stopped Sinister Six.

Kirika revealed herself to be the daughter of Weapon X with Mariko Yashida. Magneto revealed the truth to the world and surrendered himself for incarceration for his deceit.


Quicksilver, killed in X-Men: Age of Apocalypse #6 by Soaron
Weapon X

New Mutants
Kirika (X-23)
Silver Samurai
Xorn (Husk in disguise)

X-Men Ally

The Massachusetts Academy served as a training ground for loyal agents of Apocalypse.

The Morlocks is a group of mutants who were victims of Apocalypse and moved underground after his demise.

Guthrie Siblings
(Left to Right)
Josh 'Jay' Guthrie

Sinister Six
Phoenix (Jean Grey)
Dark Angel Saga (2011)

With the death of Apocalypse in the 616 reality, the X-Man Angel was due to be transformed into the new Apocalypse. X-Force seek out the Dark Beast, who revealed the transformation and the Celestial 'Life Seed' he possessed in his laboratory back in the AoA reality that can reverse this process. X-Force and the Dark Beast arrived in the AoA reality where they reclaimed the Life Seed only for Nightcrawler of this reality's X-Men to teleport in and steal the Seed, which was then destroyed by Sunfire. After resolving their differences, X-Force met with the rest of this reality's X-Men.

Since the mini-series in 2005, the X-Men were forced to stay in a new base in New Atlantis, hiding from Sentinels. Weapon X was believed killed while Magneto was severely injured while trying to save his son Charles. Phoenix took over as leader of the X-Men. Sabretooth returned from his stint with the time-traveling Exiles while Iceman and Wild Child resurfaced despite being missing in the 2005 miniseries. Dazzler, Beak and Wolfsbane are missing.

In Uncanny X-Force, the following X-Men were present:

Wild Child
Jean Grey
Silver Samurai

The X-Men and X-Force split up into two teams: one to retrieve a second Life Seed while the other to rescue the teleporting mutant Gateway, who can return X-Force to their original reality. Gambit lost his life to help his team secure the Life Seed. Meanwhile, the other team encountered Weapon X, who revealed himself to be Weapon Omega, heir of Apocalypse. His forces engaged the team, with Kirika losing her life. As the teams rejoined, they were able to liberate Gateway, who returned X-Force to their reality with the Life Seed. The X-Men seemed to have escaped Weapon X, though Iceman defected, making his way to X-Force's reality to help Archangel. During X-Force's climatic battle with Archangel, Fantomex enlisted the help of the X-Men, consisting of Nightcrawler, Sabretooth, Wild Child, Jean Grey and Sunfire. Wild Child was killed by Angel while Sunfire was killed by Iceman during the battle. After Archangel was defeated, Nightcrawler chose to stay behind while Jean Grey and Sabretooth returned to their own reality with the help of Gateway of X-Force's reality.

Back in the AoA reality, Jean Grey discovered that Gateway and Silver Samurai were killed. Magneto learnt of a plan created by Jean Grey in which a clone of the dead Scarlet Witch would turn the mutant gene off with the help of a telepath. While Jean Grey attempts to figure out how to make it work, Magneto and Rogue lost their lives holding Weapon X back. Jean Grey successfully made the Scarlet Witch turn off the gene but it only covered a dozen feet. As a result, both Jean Grey and Sabretooth lost their powers without successfully making Weapon X lose his. Both of them escaped to join several humans in the X-Terminated.
[Uncanny X-Force #19.1]
Age of Apocalypse (2012 - 2013)

While with the humans, Jean was asked to prove her worth as a fighter while Sabretooth was placed in a cell for his role in killing humans while under Apocalypse. The X-Terminated fought Keeper Murdock to launch a rescue of Harper Simmons, a reporter from the 616 reality whom Prophet thought can provide him with information. Simmons was looking around in the secret laboratory of the Dark Beast and Sugar Man in the 616 reality and had to follow them into the portal to avoid being blown up by the explosive charges they placed to destroy their laboratory. They found and fought Cyclops, who was believed dead and now the Minister of Famine. Fiend managed to infiltrate into the laboratory of Dark Beast and Sugar Man where she discovered that they were using the energies of the Celestial Life Seed to bring back the dead. Havok, Colossus and Emplate were resurrected but Fiend managed to sabotage Abyss' resurrection before she was caught. Prophet, Deadeye and and Horror Show fought Dead Eye Wade in their attempt to rescue Fiend while Goodnight recruited Bruce Banner, the Incredible Thing, to help in the rescue. The X-Terminated managed to destroy the laboratory and kidnap Sugar Man, despite the intervention of Weapon Omega and his Minister of Death, Azazel. Prophet secretly resurrected Monet.

After Jean Grey proved her worth as a human able to fight, Prophet brought her to a meeting with young mutant telepath Quentin Quire. Quentin infiltrated Jean's mind, hoping to capture the Phoenix Force in order control everyone. Jean revealed to Quentin Weapon X's change into Weapon Omega after he killed the new child Apocalypse and absorbed the Death Seed's energies into himself, hoping to teach him a lesson and convince him to stop his plans. While Quentin was distracted, Prophet killed him, obtaining his cell samples.

Meanwhile, Monet established herself as Penance, rallying the dregs (mutant from lower classes) to rebuild the world. When Cyclops, Azazel and Colossus turned up to bring Penance in, she used her powers to help Colossus regain his memories, altered during the resurrection process, after which Colossus joined her cause. Cyclops and Azazel left without completing their mission. Prophet turned up and struck a deal with Penance for a piece of land for humans in her new world order, giving up Sugar Man in the deal. Deadeye was angry with the deal, due to her hatred for all mutants which was indoctrinated into her by her deceased brother Matthew Risman.

Dr. Moreau mentioned about the existence of Reed Richards' handwritten journals which may hold the key to separating Weapon Omega from his celestial powers. Bolivar Trask directed X-Terminated to Pete Wisdom in England. Prophet led Jean, Deadeye, Fiend, Goodnight and Harper there, where Pete led them to Emma Frost, a former member of the Human High Council. Emma had an operation to remove the part of her brain containing her telepathic powers so that she could join the Council to fight against Apocalypse's oppression. When Azazel's death squad came for the humans in England, Emma and Sue Storm decided to pass the journals to Von Doom before Sue died. The X-Terminated made it to Latveria, a processing facility with apparatus of the gene pools for all of Europe's mutants deemed unworthy, criminal or threatening to the powers-that-be who are formed into a primordial soup and used as base genetic material for experiments. Prophet and Deadeye approached Von Doom regarding the journals while the others were captured by the Queen, revealed to be Emma Frost. Von Doom informed Weapon Omega who sent Azazel to inspect the prisoners, to the displeasure of Emma. After Azazel left, Von Doom neutralized Emma's consciousness and released the prisoners, revealing that he was the one who performed the surgery on Emma, successfully tricking her into thinking she was human. However, the synapses reconnected and created new pathways, and her mutant powers returned. Nonetheless, Von Doom had implanted a fail-safe device which allowed him to neutralize her consciousness. Von Doom revealed his Master Apparatus, built based on Richard's research, able to capture the Death Seed. Prophet disagreed with Von Doom's idea that the energies of the Death Seed be transferred to him. Planting Deadeye on Von Doom's side, Prophet left with the X-Terminated. Shortly after, Deadeye beheaded Von Doom and brought it to Prophet. Meanwhile, under the influence of Jean Grey, Horror Show confronted his father in his cell. As a result, Jean Grey agreed to go with him on a date.

Prophet agreed on a deal with Penance to provide her with knowledge acquired from Von Doom so that she can create a weapon capable of setting up Weapon Omega for the fall in exchange for Hawaii as a safe haven for humans in her new world order. Cyclops and Keeper Murdock were sent by Weapon Omega to hunt down Jean, who found her in his city of New Apocalypse. The X-Terminated, along with Sabretooth, mounted a rescue. Sabretooth rescued Jean from Weapon Omega's clutches, apparently sacrificing himself. Prophet found Jean, passing her Penance's weapon, a pill which has to be ingested. Jean was then captured by Weapon Omega. Meanwhile, Goodnight managed to obtain the Shadow King's location from a woman in the Hellfire Club ran by Sebastian Shaw which he frequented in his undercover identity. In the guise of Quentin Quire, Goodnight found and fought the Shadow King, trapping him in Quentin's cloned brain. The rest of the X-Terminated launched a final attack on Weapon Omega's base. Jean managed to share a kiss with her former husband, delivering Penance's weapon. The Death Seed's energies attempted to make Jean Grey a host, sensing her past as the host of the Phoenix Force. However, Jean rejected the energies which were captured by the replicated Master Apparatus Dr. Moreau built. Cyclops and Havok attempted to break up Penance's declaration of a new world order but the later was killed by Deadeye. Horror Show found his father Sabretooth, rescuing him.

Penance went on to become the monarch of the mutants, delivering on her promise and giving the Hawaii islands to the humans. Horrow Show brought in a mutant healer to help his father. Meanwhile, Jean Grey found Weapon X after he killed Cyclops. Weapon X refused Jean's offer to return home, preferring to hunt down his former Ministers and men. Jean seemingly started a romance with Horror Show. Goodnight killed Sebastian Shaw in his cell by poison. Prophet crippled Omega Red's forces in Eastern Europe just as an attack was expected. He also hid the Master Apparatus with the Death Seed energies, not trusting others with using the energies.            

The X-Terminated were involved in the X-Termination crossover.

A hole was torn in the fabric of space-time when AoA Nightcrawler and Dark Beast used the Dreaming Celestial to try and get back home which released three energy-consuming monsters known as the Exterminators.

When the Exterminators emerged, they were greeted by the X-Men, the transdimensional X-Men and the X-Terminated. One of the Exterminators departed to Earth-616 where he drained the Dreaming Celestial while the other two Exterminators remained on the AoA reality, one feeding off the rift and the other seeking out the power of Apocalypse in the Death Seed.

It was soon revealed that at the dawn of the universe's birth, when the Celestials shaped creation, they created the Exterminators to balance life and creation with death and destruction. However, the Exterminators turned against the Celestials. The Celestials were unable to destroy them and thus separated the universe into the Multiverse in order to imprison and bond them in the walls that separated all realities. The Celestials proceeded to created the Death Seed with the same purpose of death and destruction.

Casualties include AoA's Sabretooth, Horror Show, Fiend as well as the X-Treme X-Men's Xavier, Kid Nightcrawler and Hercules as the combined forces fought in vain. AoA Jean Grey took the power of Apocalypse into herself. but was unable to stop the Exterminators. In the end, by using AoA Nightcrawler's teleportation powers, the surviving heroes were taken back to Earth-616 where after using one last jump, Nightcralwer apparently sacrificed his own life to close the Age of Apocalypse universe from the multiverse trapping the Exterminators in that reality forever.


Dr. Moreau

Weapon Omega and his Forces

Weapon Omega, Overlord
Azazel, Minister of Death
Havok and Cyclops, Ministers of War and Famine
Shadow King
Shadow King in Amahl Farouk form
Keeper Murdock
Sugar Man and Dark Beast
Sugar Man was later kidnapped and forced to serve Penance
Sebastian Shaw, Black King of Hellfire Club

Penance and her Forces

Penance (Monet St. Croix)

Von Doom and Emma Frost
Von Doom

Emma Frost
Quentin Quire
Profiles of Villains who made it to Earth-616

Dark Beast (Henry Philip McCoy, II)
Superhuman dexterity, agility, flexibility, strength, speed, reflexes, coordination, balance, endurance, senses and intelligence. Sharp fangs, claws, pointed ears, gray fur coat
Group Affiliations
Formerly Dark X-Men, Genoshan Excalibur, Brotherhood of Mutants, Gene Nation, X-Men, Morlocks
Dark Beast originated from the Age of Apocalypse reality where he was a mad scientist working under Horseman Sinister in his breeding pens, breeding more powerful mutants according to Apocalypse's survival of the fittest dogma. He sadistically delighted in causing pain to his lab subjects and the cruelty of his experiments, earning the nickname Beast from his prisoners and Sinister's Elite Mutant Force. He experimented on himself, gaining his ape-like bestial appearance. Dark Beast escaped into the real reality through the M'Krann Crystal but arrived 20 years in the past. He met a young Emma Frost who helped him regain some of his scattered memories. He went on to create the Morlocks, who became a group of disenfranchised mutants living in the sewers. His experiments in the Morlocks were recognized by Sinister of the real reality, who sent his hit-squad Marauders to massacre the Morlocks.

The Dark Beast later kidnapped the real Beast and kept him prisoner behind a brick wall, taking his place in the X-Men. He joined Onslaught, who questioned him about the reality of his origin. Learning about the AoA reality, Onslaught decided to destroy both the human and mutant races but was eventually stopped by Earth's heroes.

He eventually became the leader of Gene Nation, comprised of second generation Morlocks and later led an incarnation of the Brotherhood of Mutants alongside the former X-Man Havok.

Much later, he was in Genosha when Professor X came to rebuild the destroyed nation. He joined Xavier's team. Some time after M-Day, he found his real world counterpart Beast in Neverland, an abandoned extermination camp ran by the anti-mutant organization Weapon X, who was there to search for clues to reverse the effects of M-Day. Dark Beast joined Beast in his quest. However, during a trip to the Guthrie family, he experimented on one of the boys, causing side effects. Beast ended his alliance with the Dark Beast and beat him.

Dark Beast later appeared as a member of Norman Osborn's team of X-Men. He constructed a device known as the Omega Machine to experiment on mutants. He was later sent along with the team to investigate a strange happening in a town where he found Nate Grey, also formerly from the AoA reality.

After Osborn was toppled, Dark Beast returned to the Morlock's Tunnels where he captured the Lizard and began to developing a means to turn human beings into humanoid lizards. The X-Men, with the help of Spider Man, put an end to this scheme and turned him over to the authorities. However, the Uncanny X-Force team soon had need of him. The X-Man Angel has been plagued by his murderous Archangel persona and the team decided to seek the help of Dark Beast, who had knowledge of Apocalypse's workings. He realized that Archangel was becoming the next Apocalypse following the latter's death. To reverse the process, the team must travel to the AoA reality to obtain the Life Seed from his lab. Once in the AoA reality, that reality's Nightcrawler stole the Seed after which it was destroyed by Sunfire. Dark Beast escaped from the AoA reality back to the real reality, leaving X-Force stranded.

Sugar Man
Superhuman strength, ability to alter body mass and size, enhanced senses, genetic engineering
Sugar Man originated from the Age of Apocalypse reality where he was ran to ran the Seattle Core. Needing a mutant with time-traveling powers, Magneto learnt of one with such a power: Illyana. Illyana is the sister of former X-Man Colossus. As such, Magneto sent Colossus's student team Generation Next into the Seattle Core to locate her. Sugar Man encountered this group and killed many of them. He was then seemingly destroyed but managed to lose mass and shrank to a minuscule size, hiding in the boots of Colossus as he left the Core with Illyana and his girlfriend Shadowcat.

In the subsequent battle against Apocalypse, Sugar Man escaped into the M'Krann Crystal and arrived at the real reality 20 years in the past. He traveled to the island of Genosha, where he contacted the Genegineer and gave him the formula of the mutate bonding process. Genegineer used the process to enslave hundreds of mutants or latent mutants for the benefit of the nation. When the first Genoshan government, aided by the Genegineer and anti-mutant Cameron Hodge, fell, the Sugar Man quickly worked behind the scenes in the peaceful new government. Eventually, the nation fell into a brutal civil war. The mutant team Excalibur almost learnt the secret of the Sugar Man but he managed to hide the truth.

Sugar Man went on to make many attempts to return to the AoA reality but failed to return permanently.

Genosha was destroyed by Sentinels sent by Cassandra Nova and Professor X traveled to the nation to rebuild it. Sugar Man turned up at the island to cause trouble. He was seemingly killed but returned since. He was contacted by the Beast for information to reverse the effects of M-Day and he rejected helping.

Much later, Sugar Man got hold of the "Omega Machine" built by the Dark Beast with X-Man hooked into the machine. With X-Man's powers, the Machine was able to open portals into other realities and the Sugar Man was trying to find his way back to his reality. His ploy was stopped by a team of X-Men (New Mutants) who captured him and left him with Steve Rogers.

Formerly Nemesis
Superhuman strength, agility and durability; energy blasts; life-force absorption
Holocaust, formerly known as Nemesis, was supposedly the son of Apocalypse and also served as one of the four Horsemen in the Age of Apocalypse reality. In his first assignment, he attacked Magneto's X-Men and managed to kill Magneto's daughter, Scarlet Witch.

Holocaust joined in Apocalypse's attack on Japan. He slaughtered thousands of humans and captured Sunfire but before they could kill him, Sunfire unleashed a nuclear level plasma blast. Nemesis absorbed the blast, saving himself and Apocalypse. Nemesis was left to take care of Japan while Apocalypse returned to recuperate. A team of X-Men attacked Holocaust, and when Nemesis was about to murder Quicksilver, Magneto used his powers to strip away most of Nemesis' flesh, leaving him for dead.

The burnt corpse of Nemesis was recovered by Apocalypse and his spiritual essence was fitted with a near indestructible crystalline exo-armor that would help him channel his energy and contain him, preventing him from dissipating. He became Holocaust.

During the final battle, Holocaust attempted to slay Magneto but was stopped by X-Man. Holocaust proceeded on to fight X-Man which ended with Holocaust being stabbed with a shard of the M'Krann Crystal. This act transported both of them into the real reality.

Holocaust materialized in Earth's orbit, his containment suit shattered and his body encased in a block of ice. He was found by the Acolytes and brought into their asteroid base, Avalon. Holocaust drained the life energies of a few Acolytes to regain his strength, battling their leader Exodus, who he remembered as an X-Man in AoA reality. The battle destroyed Avalon.

He went on to form a short-live and uneasy alliance with Sebastian Shaw and later served under Onslaught.

He eventually became unstuck in time and returned to his birth reality, where he was made to join the time-traveling Exiles by the Timebroker. Wanting to get away from the Timebroker's influence, he attempted to attack the Timebroker directly. However, he found the Weapon X member Hyperion. He attacked Hyperion, who proceeded to kill Holocaust.
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