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"I am the best there is at what i do, but what i do best isn't very nice"

Wolverine (James "Logan" Howlett)
1) Feral senses: Acute sight allowing him to see targets at great distances, enhanced night vision; magnified sense of smell enabling him to detect the presence of people nearby, recognizing the particular scents of those he met in the past; intensified hearing enabling him to be aware of a predator's location from the slightest rustling in the surrounding bushes; and heightened sense of taste.
2) Physical strength: Extraordinary strength enhanced by adamantium-enhanced skeleton. Possess punches that feel like a collision with solid steel. Can lift between 600 and 800 lbs (272 and 363 kg). Superhuman endurance, speed and stamina. In berserker rage, capable of releasing a barrage of attacks in a few frenzied moments.
3) Healing factor: Heals rapidly from virtually any wound inflicted upon him, poisons and disease. Healing factor also helps him resist the ravages of old age. Wolverine looks to be in his early forties even though he is over a hundred years old.
4) Adamantium skeleton and claws: Bones bonded with adamantium, a virtually indestructible metal. Weight of metal increases his strength and density, protecting his vital inner organs. Three retractable long claws in each forearm.
Expert at most unarmed traditional fighting styles, including Ju-Jitsu, Judo, Karate, Escrima, Muay Thai, and Kali
Master of the samurai sword
Master of the bokken, a wooden practice sword
Expert with the machete and other wide knives
CIA advanced training in espionage and surveillance
A crack shot with most types of firearms
Logan trained under Ogun in his dojo in Kanazawa, Japan and also studied under master Bando Suboro, among others.
English, Japanese, Russian, Chinese, Cheyenne, Lakota, Spanish, passing knowledge of French, Thai and Vietnamese.
1. Murasama Blade: With Wolverine's consent, Muramasa - ancient Japanese master of the dark arts - molded the brutal hatred inside of Logan into the Murasama Blade. It has mystical properties able to neate Logan's healing factor, causing him lasting injury and even death.
2. Carbonadium: Carbonadium is a tough but malleable metal that gives off a radiaoactive aura created by the Soviets. It is capable of negating Logan's healing factor.
3. With an adamantium skeleton, magnetism is one of Logan's weaknesses.
4. Mind control: Logan has a rich history of mind manipulations and brainwashings.
5. Control of emotions: Logan possesses limited control over his emotions, going to a berserker rage easily.
Current status
Active in the X-Men, New Avengers, X-Force, and actively searching for answers to his past
Currently appearing in
Astonishing X-Men, Uncanny X-Men, X-Force, Wolverine, Wolverine: Origins, New Avengers etc etc
Group Affiliations
Avengers, X-Men, X-Force formerly Black Dragon Tong, Xtreme Sanctions Executive, Horsemen of Apocalypse, Fantastic Four, Secret Defenders, Clan Yashida, Department H, First Flight, Department K, Weapon X, Devil's Brigade (WWII), Candian Army
Known Relatives
Itsu (wife, deceased), Viper (Madame Hydra, ex-wife), Daken, Erista (son), X-23 (clone daughter), unborn child with Native (presumed deceased), Amiko Kobayashi (foster daughter), John Howlett Sr. (presumed father, deceased), Elizabeth Hudson Howlett (mother, deceased), John Howlett Jr. (brother, deceased), Elias Hudson, Frederick Hudson (uncles, deceased), Frederick Hudson II, Truett Hudson, Victor Hudson, James Hudson (cousins, deceased)
Wolverine popping claws for the first time
Dog Logan
James was born to wealthy John and Elizabeth Howlett in Alberta, Canada, during the last years of the 19th century. His mother was institutionalized following the death of her first son John Jr. in 1987. Her two brothers Elias and Frederick Hudson served the immortal Romulus, ruler of the wolf-like Lupine and a worldwide criminal empire, who manipulated many Hudson family members. Frail and unhealthy, James befriended a young girl named Rose and a youth called Dog, groundskeeper Thomas Logan's son. As the three grew up, Dog became obsessed with Rose and assaulted her, prompting John to evict Thomas and Dog. Both of them returned to convince Elizabeth, who was having an affair with Thomas, to accompany them, and Thomas shot and killed John before James' eyes. The shock triggered James' mutant powers, claws jutting from his hands, and he unleashed a berserker fury in which he killed Thomas and slashed Dog's face. An unhinged Elizabeth drove James away. To avoid scandal, James' grandfather paid James and Rose to depart Alberta. James' healing factor drove trauma from his memories, leaving him partially amnesiac. The two found refuge at a British Columbia stone quarry, where Rose claimed James to her cousin, naming him "Logan". Within months, Logan became healthier and more violent, exhibiting peak strength and agility, plus heightened senses that rivaled an animal's. Logan, still a teen, became estranged from Rose when she became engaged to camp foreman Smitty. Logan became working off frustrations in cage fights where he earned the nickname "Wolverine". However, he allowed Smitty to win in a cage, hoping to reconcile with Rose. However, Dog arrived, sent by Logan's grandfather to retrieve him but intended to slay him. In the ensuing fight, Logan accidentally impaled Rose on his claws, killing her. Stricken with grief and guilt, Logan fled int the nearby woods and lived in a feral state for months, eventually losing all memories.

Logan recovered from his feral state and next worked as trapper and enforcer for the Hudson Bay Company owned by Elias Hudson, Romulus' pawn. After leaving the company, he surfaced in Madripoor as a mercenary. He worked with Chang, a businessman employed by mysterious film Landau, Luckman & Lake. Logan also met and romanced Seraph, a diminutive but formidable woman employed by Romulus who asked her to cultivate a relationship. During a trip to Japan, Logan encountered Hand ninjas, who extorted him into fighting Sabretooth (Victor Creed), another Romulus operative, who was murdering local women. Logan defeated Sabretoth, leaving him for dead, not realizing Sabretooth has a healing factor.

Sabretooth in costume
Logan returned to Canada and living a peaceful and loving life with a young Blackfoot woman, Silver Fox near the town Mt. Logan. When Sabretooth visited the area, Logan, whose memories of his earlier encounter with him had been erased, befriended him. On Logan's birthday, Sabreooth attacked Silver Fox, raping her and leaving her for dead. Grief-stricken, Logan fought Sabretooth, but was nearly killed. Sabretooth manipulated Logan into believing the Mt. Logan's citizens had ordered Silver Fox's death, which made Logan murder the town's inhabitants. Sabretooth this drilled into Logan's subconscious Romulus' message that should Logan ever find true friends or love, his loved ones would die and he himself into murderous rage.


Silas Burr
During World War I in 1914, Logan, his memories lost again, joined the Devil's Brigade, a special Canadian military unit used by Romulus when necessary, overseen by Frederick Hudson. Logan was trained by telepathic mutant Silas Burr, who manipulated Logan into falling in love with female operative Janet, on orders by Romulus. Logan was sent to Europe in April 1915 and in Belgium, he encountered Lazaer, the Angel of Death aka Azrael. Lazaer killed Logan but Logan's will to overcome death brought him back. Subsequently, whenever Logan was fatally wounded, he would recover by defeating Lazaer in astral combat. When Logan returned to Canada, Burr murdered Janet under Hudson's orders. Logan severely beat Burr and gouged out his left eye, after which he fled Canada.

Logan visited Shanghai, China, where he intervened in a conflict between Ogun, a Japanese samurai and the Ancient One (Yao), Sorcerer Supreme. Impressed by Logan's courage, Ogun offered to train him in the martial arts and the Ancient One to train him in sorcery by Logan rejected.  
Mystique in the future

He made his way to Mexico and in 1921, he was sentenced to execution for horse theft. He met fellow mutant Mystique who was also sentenced to death. Both escaped and Logan accompanied Mystique to Kansas where Logan joined her group of misfit criminals. To protect his own interests, Logan tipped the police about a planned bank robbery. Mystique evaded capture but her associates were killed. Logan remained an American criminal for some years, smuggling bootleg alcohol during the mid-1920s. By the late 1920s, Logan worked for the Maximillian Seville Circus as "the Amazing Immortal Man" but in 1931, Seville suspected Logan would interfere in a planned robbery and left him behind.

Grown-up Natasha, as Black Widow
In 1932, Logan was back in Madripoor where Seraph taught him to be a more effective assassin. Logan started using the alias 'Patch'. He returned to Japan to spend years under Ogun's samurai tutelage. Between lessons, he went on adventures. In Great Britain, he rescued novice vampire hunter Blade. In the mid 1930s, he formed a partnership with Raven Darkholme (Mystique in disguise as a male) and Irene Adler (later Destiny). Logan left his samurai training to fight in the Spanish Civil War. In 1937, Logan, under orders by Seraph, spent two years learning espionage from master spy Taras Romanov. Logan secretly trained Taras' ward Natasha Romanoff. Taras instructed Natasha to kill Logan but Logan killed Taras instead, per his orders. He then allowed Natasha to depart.

Logan, Captain America & Bucky
Logan and Nick Fury
During World War II in 1939, Logan returned to Canada and the Devil's Brigade, still under Burr's command. Seraph acted as Logan's handler in Madripoor and prepared him for more covert missions for Romulus. In summer 1941, Logan and Seraph manipulated Captain America and others to sabotage an alliance between the Hand and Baron von Strucker, luring the Hand's Jonin out of hiding. Natasha, now a Romulus operative, intended to kill the Jonin, but Logan did the job. Later that year, Logan, under orders to recruit or kill Captain America, worked with Cap and his partner Bucky, also another Romulus operative, in Tunisia, where Logan first befriended Sgt. Nick Fury. The four, with military support, fought Strucker's Hydra organization, but when Romulus allied with Hydra, Seraph order Logan to kill Cap. Logan refused, and continued working with Cap and Fury later in the war.

Sobbibor Death Camp
By 1942, Wolverine was imprisoned in occupied Poland's Sobbibor Death Camp. Due to his healing factor, every Nazi attempt to execute him failed. A year later, having escaped, he romanced resistance fight Catharina, who betrayed him to earn her family's safety. He escaped and eventually made his way to Newell, California where he supervised horrific experimentation on Japanese POWs, then killed prisoners and personnel when the work was finished.

By winter 1943, he was back in Europe in the military on the Allies side. In June 1944, as a corporal in the First Canadian Parachute Battalion, he parachuted behind enemy lines during the Battle of Normandy, where he first battled psuedo-vampire Bloodscream. In 1945, Logan, caught trying to blow up a train in Burma, was imprisoned by the Japanese, but escaped with mutant soldier Ethan Warren, then shared a brief idyllic liaison with a woman named Atsuko before the atomic bombing of Japan ended World War II.

Logan with Itsu
Winter Soldier
Logan returned to Ogun, who sent him on a quest to seek redemption. In Jasmine Falls, Logan studied with Bando Suboro to gain a better grasp of humanity. Logan married a local woman, Itsu, and had a child with her. In 1946, Itsu was murdered by the Winter Soldier (Bucky) under Romulus' orders. Logan erroneously blamed a local samurai, mystic swordsmith Muramasa, who captured and torturted Logan for months. Muramasa forged a sword from Logan's rage but when his underlings prepared to dispose of Logan, Romulus had them killed. Romulus had Wolverine's son adopted. He was named Ahikiro and eventually took the name "Daken" meaning "Mongrel". Daken fell under Romulus' influence and his rage was stoked with lies about being hunted and abandoned.

Logan returned to mercenary work. His friend Chang arranged for Landau, Luckman & Lake to handle Logan's business affairs and find assignments in exchange for Logan's occasional forays. Per Romulus' command, Logan subjected young Frank Simpson (later Nuke) to the trauma of his parents' death in 1953.

Team X Clockwise from top left:
Sabretooth, Wraith,
Logan, Maverick
Omega Red
Circa 1961, Logan joined Weapon (Weapon Ten), the tenth iteration of the Weapon Plus program, reportedly co-founded by Romulus pawn Truett Hudson. In Team X, Logan used the codename Wolverine. He encountered Sabretooth and Weapon X removed their memories of past encounters. An alive Silver Fox also joined Team X along with Kestrel (John Wraith), Mastodon and Wildcat (Christoph Nord, later Maverick). In 1963, Silver Fox betrayed Wolverine and Sabretooth in Cuba to soldiers and deserted, eventually joining Hydra. Later, Team X was involved in an assignment in Berlin, East Germany. Team X retrieved experimental Carbonadium technology and double agent Janice Hollenbeck, confronting super-agent Omega Red. Sabretooth murdered Janice to reinforce Wolverine's conditioning. Wolverine resigned from Team X, which was disbanded soon after. Wolverine, with his memories gone again, tortured and brainwashed Frank Simpson, now a US Marine, into becoming a killing machine like himself.

Wolverine began solo intelligence work for Department K, a secret Canadian Defense Ministry Branch. Wolverine fell into depression, becoming an alcoholic despite his healing factor and accidentally shot a fellow agent in the firing range.

Weapon X
Logan was abducted by a secret Weapon X project and had his skeleton bonded to the indestructible metal alloy Adamantium, with the intention of making him the perfect killing machine for the government. In a Canadian complex, he was subjected to hundreds of tests and experiments, and had his mind and memories once again tampered with by Professor Thorton, Dr. Abraham Cornelius and Carol Hines. He escaped in a bloodbath with the help of the Winter Soldier and Logan retreated into the Canadian wild, where he lived like an animal in the forest. He met the mythical Canadian beast Hunter in Darkness, and freed the creature from a hunter's trap. In a modest cabin in the Pacific Northwest, Logan began a life with a female Weapon X escapee known as the Native.

James and Heather Hudson
Hulk and Wendigo
First Appearance
Logan was discovered in the Canada's Wood Buffalo National Park by James and Heather Hudson and the young couple took in Wolverine, calming him down and helping him regain his senses. Logan then enrolled in James' project, the Canadian government's Department H program. He was given the codename Weapon X and Wolverine and he adopted a super hero uniform to match his new persona. Wolverine continued his intelligence work with the Canadian government, teaming with future heroes such as Ben Grimm (later the Thing) and Carol Dancers (later Ms Marvel). On a mission for Department H, Wolverine attempted to take down the Hulk, but was interrupted when the two encounter the Wendigo. (This is the first time Wolverine was introduced). Wolverine was give the leadership position in Alpha Flight, Canada's super team but he left on unfriendly terms when Professor X recruited him into the X-Men. As per Romulus' instructions, Wolverine tried to kill Professor X but the later was able to use his psychic powers to undo Wolverine's programming.

Alpha Flight

Wolverine in the X-Men

Shingen Harada
Wolverine and Mariko's wedding
As an X-Man, Wolverine became attracted to fellow member Jean Grey. When the X-Men arrived in Japan, Logan met Mariko Yashida. Logan donned a new brown and tan version of his costume and made peace with Alpha Flight. When Mariko journeyed to New York, she and Logan began a formal courtship that continued for years. Logan traveled to Japan to discover that Mariko had been forced by her cruel, criminal father, Lord Shingen to marry the abusive Noburu-Hideki. Logan met the ninja Yukio with whom he shared a brief relationship. However, Yukio was under the employ of Shingen and tried to kill Wolverine. She failed and switched allegiances, killing Mariko's husband. Wolverine fought Shingen and managed to kill him, after which Logan and Mariko became engaged. The X-Men were invited to Japan for the wedding ceremony. However, under the control of the villain Mastermind, Mariko called off the wedding. Even after regaining control, Mariko refused to marry Wolverine until she has successfully severed all ties to the Yashida's criminal empire. Logan met Amiko in Japan, promising her dying mother to take care of the young girl. He left Amiko in Mariko's care before returning to the US. He returned to Japan again to help fellow X-Man Kitty Pryde break free of Ogun's control. Wolverine killed Ogun.
Grown-up Amiko

Ogun, Kitty and Wolverine

Lady Deathstrike
While he was visited by Heather Hudson, now Vindicator of Alpha Flight., he encountered Lady Deathstrike, who believed that Wolverine had stolen the secrets of the adamantium bonding process from her father. During the Morlock Massacre, Wolverine fought Sabretooth.

The X-Men soon relocated to a base in Australia while the world believed them dead. Logan began to spend much of his time in Madripoor. Traveling to the Savage Land, he had a relationship with a native woman Gachck, who gave birth to a child.

Wolverine with Jubilee
Back in Australia, the X-Men were attacked by the mutant-hating cyborg Reavers, who crucified him. He was rescued by the young mutant Jubilee. While in Madripoor, Logan encountered Silas Burr, now known as Cyber. Wolverine returned to the Weapon X complex with Jubilee and once again adopted his blue and yellow costume.

During another trip to Japan, Logan watch helplessly as Mariko was poisoned by the Hand, led by Matsu'o Tsurayaba. Wolverine killed her in an act of mercy to end her suffering.

Logan reunited with some of his former Team X allies and realized that Silver Fox was still alive. However, she was killed by Sabretooth soon after.

Fatal Attractions
While storming Magneto's space satellite
with the X-Men, the adamantium in his body was ripped from his bones by Magneto. Logan barely survived the attack and was forced to rely on his natural bone claws. The unbalanced mutant Genesis kidnapped Logan  in an attempt to recreate him as a Horseman for Apocalypse. Attempting to bond adamantium once more to Logan's frame, Genesis reduced Wolverine to a feral state when Logan managed to reject the transfusion. With the help of the ninja Elektra, Wolverine regain control of his faculties, and regained his human demeanor.

Forced to return to Madripoor, Logan fulfilled an old debt to Viper, marrying her in order to unite the country's citizens under her rule.

Wolverine as Death
During a trip through time to battle the planet-eating Galactus, Wolverine and the X-Men were frozen in stasis. The shape-shifting alien Skrulls used the opportunity to abduct Logan and replaced him with an imposter Skrull. The Skrulls gave Wolverine to Apocalypse who made him duel Sabretooth with the winner become his Horseman Death. To prevent Sabretooth from taking the role, Wolverine submitted himself. Apocalypse brainwashed Wolverine and transferred the adamantium in Sabretooth to Wolverine. As Death, Wolverine attacked the X-Men who were trying to rescue a group of children known as the Mannites. Wolverine killed the imposter, who was later discovered to be a Skrull by the X-Men. Death's true identity was discovered by the X-Men, who helped him regain control of his mind and reject Apocalypse's programming.

In Madripoor, Viper was injured following a clash with the spirit of Ogun and she agreed to divorce Wolverine in exchange for medical treatment.

New X-Men
Logan returned to the Xavier Institute as part of the New X-Men where he became a teacher. He encountered Fantomex, an operative of the Weapon Plus program from whom he learnt that Weapon X was in fact the tenth iteration of the Weapon Plus program. Along with Cyclops and Fantomex, Logan invaded a Weapon Plus base to learn of his past. They made their way to Weapon Plus' orbital base, which was formerly Magneto's Asteroid M base. Wolverine was absorbed in learning about his past and stayed behind as Cyclops and Fantomex returned to Earth. Jean Grey went to retrieve him but both of them were trapped in space. As the base hurtle toward the sun, Logan was forced to kill Jean in order to hasten her death and end her pain. Jean accessed the Phoenix Force and using her new found powers, brought both of them back to Earth where they fought the rogue X-Man Xorn, who masqueraded as Magneto. However, Jean was killed by an EM pulse created by Xorn.

Jean Grey killed by Xorn, posing as Magneto

Wolverine v Gorgon
Wolverine reunited with the Native in their old cabin but her death at the hands of Sabretooth.

Logan was lured to Japan when a group of men who kidnapped Mariko's cousins. He was ambushed by a horde of Hand ninjas and killed by the Gorgon, the new leader of Hydra who formed an alliance with the Hand. Using ancient Hand rituals, Gorgon revived Wolverine as a Hand operative. Wolverine went on a rampage, clashing with various super heroes as well as the X-Men, killing member Northstar, before he was captured. He was deprogrammed with the help of SHIELD. Meanwhile, Hydra used the resurrection technique on many villains as well as Northstar. Wolverine helped SHIELD deal with Hydra's new army before fighting Gorgon, killing him.

New Avengers
Wolverine soon became a member of the New Avengers after an adventure in the Savage Land dealing with Sauron, the Savage Land Mutates and a rogue faction of SHIELD.

Wolverine in House of M
The insane mutant Scarlet Witch created the House of M reality in which Magneto became the ruler of a world with a mutant majority. Wolverine regained all of his memories as a result. Aware that reality was not what it seemed, he gathered old allies to take the fight to Magneto. Once Magneto realized that his son Quicksilver was responsible for making the Scarlet Witch change reality, he attacked Quicksilver. The Scarlet Witch reverted reality but with most of the mutant population losing their powers. Wolverine retained his memories and decided to set out to avenge past wrongs, donning his brown and tan costume to do so. Soon, he discovered the existence of his son with Itsu, Daken.

Wolverine vs Nitro
Walter Declun
Secret Avengers
After an explosion at Stamford, Connecticut led to the passing to the Superhuman Registration Act and the ensuing superhuman Civil War, Wolverine tracked down Nitro, the villain responsible for the tragedy. Wolverine learned that Nitro took Mutant Growth Hormone, a power-enhancing drug, which was supplied by Walter Declun CEO of Damage Control, a super hero clean up service. Walter knew that super fights meant big business and thus sought to use Nitro to create more opportunities. Nitro was captured by Namor for his role in the death of his cousin Namorita during the explosion and Wolverine left him there, finding Walter and seemingly killing him.

With the end of the superhuman Civil War, Wolverine joined the rebel Secret Avengers, hiding from the Registration Act while continuing their heroic acts.

Logan encountered Sabretooth again, discovering their lupine mutant history and realizing the scope of their connections to Romulus. In their final battle, Wolverine cut off Sabretooth's head using the Muramasa blade creating years ago, killing him.

Wolverine kills Sabretooth
Logan next entered into a battle with Lazaer, the Angel of Death and Mariko's resurrected father Lord Shingen. Logan reclaimed a piece of soul that was missing since Gorgon killed him. As a result, Logan's healing powers were severely lessened and would not be able to revive the next time he suffers fatal injuries.

New team of X-Force
During the events of Messiah CompleX, Wolverine led a team of hunters and killers in X-Force. He went on to fend off invasions from the Skrulls on Earth; and Nimrod Sentinels and vampires from the Utopia island on separate occasions.

Meanwhile, Wolverine encountered his tormentor Romulus and with his allies, succeeded in trapping him in the Dark Dimension.

Wolverine is currently the leader of a new team of X-Force, and is a member of the X-Men and the Avengers.

Following a disagreement with Cyclops over the use of young mutants to defend the mutant island Utopia, Wolverine left with several X-Men and young mutants, establishing the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning at the former grounds of the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning.

Wolverine's side

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