Friday, May 16, 2014

All-New Marvel Now: X-Men (2013 - Present)

Starting this April, writer Brian Wood teams up with artist Oliver Coipel on the new Marvel Now! ongoing series, X-Men. The title consists of an all-female lineup. more on Marvel..

Wolverine's team can be found in Wolverine and the X-Men and Amazing X-Men, Cyclops' team can be found in Uncanny X-Men while the original X-Men can be found in All-New X-Men

The team first helped the former anti-mutant Sublime fight and defeat his sister, the technological virus Arkea. They managed to liberate Karima Shapandar from Arkea's influence. As a side-effect, Karima lost her Omega Sentinel technology. The X-Men lost Kitty Pryde to Cyclops' side following the Battle of Atom crossover. Ana Cortes, sharing Lady Deathstrike's consciousness, attempted to obtain the Omega Sentinel technology at the Jean Grey school and fought Karima and Monet St. Croix but was defeated before she escaped. Storm recruited Karima and Monet into her team to search for Lady Deathstrike. Lady Deathstrike formed a team of Sisterhood comprising of Typhoid Mary and Amora the Enchantress. Typhoid Mary stole Arkea from the X-Men and Lady Deathstrike recruited Arkea into her team. However, Arkea soon assumed control and ordered the resurrection of dead X-Men villains Selene and Madelyne Pryor. Unable to live with what she had unleashed on the world, Ana Cortes sent a call to the X-Men for help. As the X-Men arrived to fight Arkea, who had now taken on the Lady Deathstrike's consciousness, Storm allowed Selene and Madelyne Pryor to leave. The X-Men proceeded to destroy Arkea.

Team Roster

Storm (Ororo Munroe)

Marvel Girl (Rachel Grey)

Psylocke (Elizabeth 'Betsy' Braddock)

Jubilee (Jubilation Lee)

M (Monet St. Croix)

Former Members

Kitty Pryde
 Left for Cyclops' side

Rogue (Anna Marie)
Presumably left for Uncanny Avengers

Karima Shapandar, formerly Omega Sentinel
Left to work for Sabra


From top right, anti-clockwise

Lady Deathstrike (Ana Cortes, later Reiko + Arkea)

Amora the Enchantress

Typhoid Mary


Madelyne Pryor

Dodson variant

Hastings Variant
Baby Variant
50th Anniversary Variant
Limited Edition Comix Variant
Manara Variant

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