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All-New Marvel Now: All-New X-Men (2012 - Present)

All New X-Men is an ongoing title launched in November 2012 with Brian Michael Bendis as writer and Stuart Immonen as penciller. It is a companion book to the Uncanny X-Men with Brian Michael Bendis the writer for both books.

The title sees the original X-Men arrive at the present to attempt to create a better future for mutants.

Wolverine's team can be found in Wolverine and the X-Men and Amazing X-Men while Storm's team can be found in X-Men


Following his escape from incarceration for his role in killing Professor X during the events of AvX, Cyclops organized a new team of X-Men including Magneto and Magik to seek out and recruit new mutants. They recruited new mutants Eva Bell and Christopher Muse.

Unable to cope with yet another mutation, Beast realized he was going to die and decided that he want to attempt something to stop what he felt was an inevitable mutant-human war. He traveled to the past to convince the original X-Men to come to the present. He hoped that the presence of the original X-Men can persuade Cyclops to stop his mutant revolution.

Cyclops and his team helped Emma Frost escape from incarceration and recruited her. Cyclops' X-Men confronted each other over their powers which were broken by their contact with the Phoenix Force. They traveled to University of Texas to recruit new mutant Benjamin Deeds and were confronted by the original X-Men. After a brief fight, Magik teleported Cyclops' team away. While resting, Jean Grey's telepathic powers triggered ahead of time. They returned to the Jean Grey School in time for young Beast to help the present day Beast stabilize his new mutation. Meanwhile, Cyclops returned to recruit Benjamin Deeds. Young Jean Grey used her telepathy on Kitty Pryde to gain the memories of her future. She decided that the original X-Men will not return to the past and will stay in the present to fight for a better future. Kitty Pryde volunteered to mentor the original X-Men.

While Jean Grey struggled to cope with her expanded powers, she turned a cold shoulder to Cyclops. Cyclops ran out of the School and was found by Mystique who masqueraded as Wolverine. Mystique portrayed herself as a sympathizer of Professor X and left before Wolverine found Cyclops. Meanwhile, the young Angel encountered his future self, now an amnesiac. They helped defend Avengers Tower against a Hydra attack but alerted the Avengers to the original X-Men's presence in the present day. After an argument between Beast and Captain America, young Cyclops convinced Captain America to give him a chance to solve the problems in the present day. Young Angel was spooked by his future and wanted to return to the past but was forced to stay by a mental manipulation from Jean Grey.

Mystique and Sabretooth attacked the Raft prison to release and recruit Lady Mastermind. Lady Mastermind used her illusion powers to create the original X-Men to commit crimes. Meanwhile, Cyclops' X-Men arrive at the Jean Grey School to attempt to recruit new mutants. They succeed in recruiting young Angel and the Stepford Cuckoos. 

Wolverine and Kitty led the original X-Men to search for Mystique after learning of her encounter with young Cyclops. However, they were engaged by Havok's Uncanny Avengers for their apparent role in various crimes. After a verbal confrontation, Havok allowed Wolverine and the original X-Men to pursue Mystique and clear their names. The X-Men engaged Mystique, Sabretooth, Lady Mastermind and the Silver Samurai just as they were attempting to buy the pirate nation Madripoor from Madame Hydra. After a long fight, Mystique was captured while the rest of her accomplices escaped. However, she later escaped from the Raft.  

Back in the School, Jean Grey learnt of the older Beast's attraction towards her. She shared a kiss with the younger Beast.

With the Battle of the Atom crossover, the original X-Men realized that they were unable to return to their own time. They decided to leave the Jean Grey School as they felt unwanted there and joined Cyclops' side along with their mentor Kitty Pryde.

The team rescued X-23 from a team of the mutant hunting religious zealots, the Purifiers after which she joined the team, forming an attraction with young Cyclops. The Shi'ar kidnapped Jean Grey to put her on trial for actions her future self had committed as the Phoenix. With the help of the Guardians of the Galaxy and the intergalactic pirates Starjammers, the team travelled to the Shi'ar Imperium. In the process, young Cyclops discovered that his father Corsair of the Starjammers was alive. Jean Grey manifested a new skill set combining her telepathy and telekinesis during the fight against the Shi'ar Imperial Guard. Young Cyclops threatened the Shi'ar Majestor Gladiator to leave them alone. After returning to Earth, young Cyclops left with Corsair to space. 


Marvel Girl (Jean Grey)

Iceman (Robert 'Bobby' Drake)

Angel (Warren Worthington III)

Beast (Henry 'Hank' McCoy)

X-23 (Laura Kinney)

Cyclops (Scott Summers)
Left with father to space

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